So, I’m in London at the moment at my aunt and uncle’s. They are so wonderfully accomodating and always greet us so very warmly.

I think that in the morning, I’m going to hitch a ride into central London with my aunt. As with most of this trip, I have very little that resembles a plan, but I know a few things that I think I’d like to do. I’ll wander around and see some sights… perhaps find my way to a free museum. I’m going to call a family friend and see if perhaps she can meet for lunch or maybe just a quick hello. At some point I am going to meet up with my uncle and he is going to take me to a REAL LIFE IN PERSON BANKSY PIECE IN LONDON. HOLY SHIT. And it’s oneof my favorites of his work, so I’m double-plus excited. At some point I’ll either take the tube back or get another ride.

On Wednesday, I was thinking about taking the train to Bristol… but upon researching train tickets and costs, I am not so keen on this idea. 50 quid for a bloody round trip ticket!? That’s $80 for a round trip train ride. This place is a 2 hour car ride away… so I find that price obscene. So, still weighing that option, but I really really want to see the Banksy exhibit there.

Thursday holds… I don’t know what yet, but it’ll be lovely I’m sure.

Friday means some sightseeing in London and MADSTOCK. M. A. D. S. T. O. C. K. Do you know what that means? I’ll tell you what. IT MEANS I WILL NEED TO BRING A CHANGE OF PANTS. Because oh my God, Madness are playing a two hour set, and I am going to weep the whole  time. Jerry Dammers is playing too, with some ensemble or what have you. Also playing are The Blockheads (as in Ian Dury and…), The Aggrolites (!! I love them too!), and several others who I’ll be excited to see.

Sleep is calling my name, and I must answer because I’ve got to be up early if I want to see the city.

Life is good.


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