Travels so far and what comes next/ England (7.8.09 – 7.29.09)

So far, everything has been wonderful. Mostly, I’ve been hopping from person to person, seeing relatives. My mum has gone back to the US now, so now I’m hopping around by myself, but I hop into and out of the homes of people who can take care of me. This time tomorrow (My favorite song by the Kinks, by the way, and oh so apt for this situation– LOOK IT UP!!), I will be in Prague. By myself. Something both daunting and indescribably exciting. So far, I’ve got 6 nights booked in a hostel, and I plan to play it by ear from there. Maybe I’ll stay longer? But maybe I’ll start my whirlwind adventure and start traveling on my railpass. The other day, I was told that I am unorganized… because my answers consisted of lots of “I don’t knows.” And alright, maybe that does make me unorganized, but that’s exactly how I want this all to go… no set plan. Just, I decide I want to do something, and then I go out and do it. That’s basically how I live my life anyway, just usually with a bit more structure to it.

In preparation for my departure, I need to go and buy a few things. I need Vitamin C, Vitamin B, maybe a multivitamin wouldn’t hurt either, a lock, and a kagool (a rainproof… i have no clue how to spell that word).

I’ll give a brief overview of what I’ve done since last updating.

Friday the 17th was the MADNESS show. It was INCREDIBLE. The lineup was fantastic. We missed the Aggrolites, which I was disappointed about… but it’s OK because the rest of the night more than made up for it. Upon arriving, we caught Jerry Dammers and the Spatial AKA Reggae Ensemble. They were fantastic, and really pleasant easy listening. They even brought Rico Rodriguez out to play with them for the latter half of the set!!!! There were easily 16 musicians up on stage, and just… wow. It was fantastic. Next up were the Blockheads. These fellas are getting old but they’re still punk as hell. I knew a few songs, but I was most excited for “Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick,” along with the rest of the crowd. Next were the Pogues, and jeeeeesus, these guys are good. Honestly, I’d never heard them before, and if you haven’t either, then think Flogging Molly, but the band that Flogging Molly are trying to be. Excellent. They did an incredible cover of “Dirty Old Town.” And next. Yeah, that’s right. MADNESS. They played a set nearly two hours long, and started off with One Step Beyond, yelling out, along with nearly everyone in the crowd “HEY YOU, DON’T WATCH THAT, WACTH THIS. THIS IS THE HEAVY HEAVY MONSTER SOUND. THE NUTTIEST SOUND AROUND…” You get the point. It was incredible, and umm, I teared up. I didn’t full on cry like last time I saw them. The people went wild, which is not funny when your 11 year old sister is getting smashed up against the barrier, so we yelled at the “crowd control” employees to get us out of there. We managed to weasel our way into the “Golden Circle” area (which you had to pay 10 quid more to be in — which was a load of bullshit, but nevermind that). We spent the remainder of the show very close to the stage (evidenced by pictures below), surrounded by three friendly drunks. They all sang to me during “It Must Be Love,” while I blushed and thought “It Must Be The Alcohol.” They played “Bed and Breakfast Man,” to my absolute delight. It’s one of my favorites that they do, along with “House Of Fun,” but it was a given that they’d play that. All in all, it was an unforgettable night. The show let out at 10:45, but we didn’t get home until 12:15– exhausted, but so so happy, I slept soundly that night.

The next couple of days were filled with family time, and my mum said she’d take us down to Bristol to see the Banksy vs. Bristol Museum exhibit. In short, the man is a satirical genius. His works covered the entire ground floor, and then there was a sign saying “There are 60 additional works upstairs.” They were incorporated in with the regular museum pieces, so you actually had to go and look at everything if you wanted to see all of his work. Very clever. Oh yeah, did I mention we waited in line an hour and a half to get in? EVERYONE LOVES BANKSY.

That was Sunday. Mum left the next morning, so I headed off to Bournemouth for a few days. I spent my time walking around, seeing the town, and pushing pennies in the Amusements area on the pier. It was a pleasant couple of days. Next, I headed off to Farnborough to stay with my cousin for a few days. We went off to Windsor one evening, but arrived too late to get into the castle. Oh well. On Friday, it was back to Ascot for my Granny’s birthday, and on Monday off to London again to prepare to set off.

Anyhow, now I’ll share a few pictures from my adventures so far… starting off with my going away party, because I’ve promised to put a few of these online. I love every single one of these magnificent people more than I can properly describe.




Alex Petrusek is one of my top five favorite humans.


This picture is blurry, but it is also magnificent.


This picture, I feel, sums up the whole night rather well. Also, I love Rachel.



The London Eye! I am very pleased with this picture.


This is Suggs. We’re in love.


Suggs and Chas Smash. Chas and I are also in love. Though I’d love him more if he still danced like he used to. I could put up far to many pictures from the Madness show, so I left it at only two, for moderation’s sake.


One of my favorite pieces from the Banksy exhibit.


Oh hai. It’s me, and the animatronic riot guard. Way creepy, and totally awesome.


Swan City. I have never seen so many swans in one place before in my life… but apparently they like to hang out on the Thames in Windsor.


This is another picture I am very pleased with. An airplane that looks as though it’s flying through a rainbow, right next to Windsor castle.

OK. I’m all blogged out now. The next update/set of pictures will be from Prague. You excited? I AM.


One response to “Travels so far and what comes next/ England (7.8.09 – 7.29.09)

  1. YOU ARE AMAZING. I caaaaaaan’t wait for Prague updates, and I am so pleased you’ve loved your trip thus far! I just love you and thanks for being a bloggy blogger. ❤

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