Prague Part 1 (7.29.09 – 8.4.09)

Prague is wonderful. It is a beautiful city, with gorgeous buildings everywhere you look. This has been a wonderful beginning to my trip. While I often travel by myself, this is different. Usually, I get to where I need to be by myself, but meet up with people, or with the trips I went on through ASU, I quickly developed friendships with a group of people. As I said– this is different. This is me, all by myself, yes, meeting people, but these people are doing similar things, so the faces come and go every day. In all honesty, the first couple of days were a bit difficult. Not to say I’m not competent– I have no problem navigating by myself. It’s just that… having to be OK doing everything by myself is something I am not totally used to yet. The most daunting task is going to eat by myself. Anyhow, a couple of days in, and these things are rapidly becoming easier. I particularly enjoy just walking around the city. It’s, in my opinion, the best way to experience the atmosphere of the city, see things you perhaps wouldn’t otherwise see, and get your bearings. After one day of walking around the city, I had no problems finding my way back home. Mostly, I’ve been taking it easy for these first few days. Before I left England, I came down with a pretty horrible cold (I am hoping that it was at worst, only a cold), so the recuperation has been good for me. I have already made some lovely friends, and consequently, I now have two places to stay in Manchester, and another in Girona, which is outside of Barcelona. We’ve had a lovely time drinking here, as the alcohol is cheap. On both Thursday and Friday, groups of us left our hostel and found our way to a bar/club called Chapeau Rouge. I stuck to mostly beer, which was $2 for a pint of Staropramen– WONDERFUL. Yesterday, when we were on our way to the bar, we met a group of three chaps, one of whom was dressed in a pink body suit (if you watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, think Charlie as the green man… but pink). It was his stag party and his mates had made him dress up in the bodysuit upon their arrival to the city. They asked if we knew a good place to go, and they joined us for the rest of the night. All three of them were very good looking, and umm… yep, that’s all I’ll say about that. A very good night filled with many drinks, dancing, and fantastic company. Today has been another slow day, due to last night’s festivities. Merce, one of my roommates, and I went out for lunch and spent several hours napping intermittently in the park. It’s hard to describe how perfect it can be to just lounge around in a park for hours, but it has just been superb. Merce leaves tonight for Greece, so I have to say goodbye, but she has said I can come and stay with her in Girona, so we will certainly meet again. Today, I have made some more decisions about the current leg of my trip. These important decisions being: 1. I will go to Berlin next (which means I have to start contacting some people), and 2. I will not be going to Greece yet. I will go in March when the weather will start to warm up again, and it won’t be tourist season, which also means cheaper prices.

More drinking tonight, and more sights over the next few days. Now I have to figure out a train to Berlin and a hostel.



The view of Prague Castle by day. The bridge is Charles Bridge (lots of vendors/performers) which is over the river Vltava.


View of the city from the Prague Castle.


This is the St. Vitus Cathedral, which is in the Prague Castle.


This cathedral had the most amazing stained glass I have ever seen.



First night out (Thursday) at the Chapeau Rouge. New friends!


Jon, the Aussie, and I. He was ridiculous. I have no idea whose hat that was.


Friday night out. Prague Castle by night.


This is Merce, my dorm mate, and our new friend Dom. It was his stag night and his friends made him dress like that all day.


Dom, myself, and Rich.


Merce, and Mirec.


Merce, Merce’s new dreaded love, and Mirec


Me (looking quite weathered by 3 something in the morning), Mirec, and Merce


The Jan Hus Monument in the Old Town Square


The Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square. Tourists gather on the hour to watch Death ring a bell as a procession of men walks by.


9 responses to “Prague Part 1 (7.29.09 – 8.4.09)

  1. Glad you’re having such a good time, Liz! Also, glad you’re feeling better! 🙂

    • Thanks Ace! On both counts. I am seriously soooo bummed that I’m gonna miss the CPD show! But I’m so happy that you’re finally bringing them out because I know it’s something you’ve wanted to do for ages!

  2. Liz Miller, I’m rather amused by the confusion resulting from whether of not I’d jumped on your head three times.

    I’m glad your adventures are going well! The entire city of Chicago misses you, as do I. I’m very glad to hear that Prague isn’t as gloomy as Kafka made it out to be.

  3. Fantastic pics. That astronomy clock looks like it could summon actual Death.

  4. Brian’s actually how I found the blog – I saw your comments and followed from there. Is “LizAdventure” a play on “Liz Enthusiasm”, lead singer for Freezepop?

    • No, actually, it’s because I co-run ABC Adventures ( that this name developed, but I like it because the name makes me “MissAdventure” and gosh, I love my misadventures.

  5. Well shoot. That’s another great blog I’m subscribed to. I’ll never work again.

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