Hello loves,

I’m only going to give a brief update, so you know how and where I am. I’ll make a real update soon, detailing my vagabond life. I left Brussels and made my way to Geneva, and for the first time, my lack of planning actually came round to bite me in the ass. However, even when things stray from the plan, everything is still absolutely incredible. I don’t have a single complaint. Life is just amazing.

I was only in Geneva for one full day, and left early in the morning on Thursday, catching an 8:14 train, which marked the beginning of over 15 hours of traveling. Destination: Bratislava, Slovakia.

So, Bratislava is where I am, and I love it. I’m having an incredible time, and drinking lots of cheap beers.

You know that scene in Amelie, where she’s walking along and grabs the arm of the old blind man. She whisks him across the street and as they walk quickly, she describes everything she sees. She says goodbye and runs off, and he is left by the Montmartre train station (if my memory serves me well) and as he stands there, he looks to the sky and his body is filled with light. You just know when you watch it that he feels absolutely infinite.

This is how I feel everyday at the moment. I walk around and feel like I’m glowing.


2 responses to “Life

  1. I love your description, I know exactly what you mean, and it’s awesome. I’m glad you’re having such an awesome experience, I can’t wait for my next chance to travel

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