Leaving things behind

Oh life. You are a funny thing.

I have left Slovakia, and am already missing it, really. However, now I’m in Vienna, so there’s much to see here. It was really nice to just be a layabout for a couple of days. Basically every day in Slovakia consisted of getting up late, getting food and/or coffee and/or beer (usually beer), walking around the city, playing cards, and generally being awesome.

I have to stop and laugh at myself for a moment here. I say “it was nice to be a layabout for a couple of days” which is just silly because this is one year solid of no obligations, no rules, no one to answer to, and no semblance of an itinerary. Yet here I feel like I have to get out and see things. Unfortunately, I’m all sniffly today and I’m not sure whether I’ve come down with a cold or if it’s just allergies. I’m really hoping it’s allergies, but either way it’s making me sleepy, which, in turn, makes me feel lazy.

The next few days are going to be a bit strange and I predict a lot of reflection and introspection. I won’t discuss this in any more detail. Not here, anyway.

Oh well. So, Vienna for the next 3 nights, and then Budapest for 3 more after that. After this, I have nothing planned, but I think that I’ll go to Zagreb, then Ljubljana, then Verona, then meet up with my cousin in Cannes.

I know I keep promising, but there will be a real update soon. One with pictures and all. I have to tell you all about Geneva and Bratislava.

Oh yes, and when I get home, I have resolved to do.. well,  several things.

1. Take lots of thrilling journeys, accompanied by delightful friends.

2. Reduce my belongings; get rid of all of the things I don’t need. Get rid of lots of clothes (not dresses though), and I guesssss get rid of some shoes… although I reallllly don’t like the sound of that part. I do love my shoes. However, I once knew a boy who said he liked to keep his belongings at a minimum so that at any given time, he could get up and go with only a duffel bag. I doubt that I could get to quite that level… especially considering I have (what I consider to be) an excellent book and film collection that I really don’t want to rid myself of.


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