Writing- A day of thoughts and I’m back

I woke up lying on my back in the grass, hands folded and resting on my stomach, with my feet intertwined in front of me. I was… in a park? Yes, as I blinked, feeling more and more awake each time, it became apparent that I was lying in a park. Why was I there? How had I gotten there? I didn’t know, didn’t remember, and didn’t particularly care to, either way. I felt amazing. Like when you get out of the shower, feeling refreshed and clean, and the air that surrounds you feels so warm and comfortable it’s as though it was extension of your body, and so you lounge around in a towel for 3 hours. This. This is how I felt upon waking up in this place in which I had no recollection of falling asleep.

The more alert I became, the more aware I became of this pink-gold glow that everything around me possessed. It was as though all of the colors I knew were enhanced, rather than being muted by this uniform veil cast over everything I saw. Everything was more vibrant, more alive, bursting with energy. How did it get that way? Well, that one’s a silly question.

It’s been this way all along– we just weren’t looking at it right.


One response to “Writing- A day of thoughts and I’m back

  1. You’ve been born into this world again with new receptors for detecting the glowing that surrounds you. It is in you and me. Joy to the world and to your newfound sensation.

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