Planning Ahead…

…WHAT? I don’t actually do that… do I?

Apparently, I do today???

I’ve got another night here in Vienna, and already I have BOOKED 3 nights in Budapest, followed by 3 nights in Zagreb, and then 2 nights in Ljubljana. Ha, I’m going to be in Ljubljana, Slovenia on Friday and Saturday night… I wonder what their night life is like. Slovenia does not exactly make me envision crazy parties. BUT! We will see.

After that I will go… somewhere… in Italy for a couple of nights, then meet up with my cousin in Cannes. She doesn’t know it just yet, but I’m going to be giving her lots of my things to take back to the UK with her, for me to retrieve later… my backpack is getting heavy!

Ah oh god… after that. Well… who knows. I’ll probably do more of Switzerland, more of Austria, a bit more of Germany, more of Italy, and I think end up in Spain??? This “plan” will probably be wildly different within a few hours.

And I STILL owe a real update. Ugh. Soon, babies, I promise… they just take SO long. Like, consistently over an hour and half because of all the writing, picking and resizing photos, and uploading photos. Gosh… blogging is hard work! My life is so difficult. 😉


2 responses to “Planning Ahead…

  1. Get to the ocean. Split, Dubrovnik, or Trieste.

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