Global Hide and Seek

When I have lots and lots of money (NEVER???), I want to set up a worldwide game of hide n’ seek. You and lots of friends go off to beautiful, amazing exotic places around the globe… each leaving say… one clue a week online as to your whereabouts or something like that. (Rules would dictate that you have to stay in the same city once you are hiding.) One person is the seeker and has to start finding these hiders who are dotted all around the globe. Once someone is found, they join the finders until everyone is found and it turns into a giant party in some amazing foreign land.

Can this happen tomorrow, please?


3 responses to “Global Hide and Seek

  1. I am hiding somewhere in Madrid. Come find me.

  2. i’m going along, but need to be rich too. when you start playing, ask me about my actual place 😉

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