Zagreb, Croatia (9.1.09 – 9.4.09)

OK, so I’ve decided to make the updates about each place separate. So while I need to update about Zagreb, Ljubljana, Cannes, and Nice, they will be in 4 posts. It makes it slightly less daunting for me.

So. Zagreb. The train got in 45 minutes late due to a prolonged stop by passport control. The day consisted of several train rides, which weren’t too bad. So. I get into town and it’s about 9 PM. I was able to very quickly figure out the transportation situation, and got on the tram headed towards my hostel without problem.

I get to the hostel and instantly love it. They have a cat (YESSSSS). The staff are kind and personable. I was shown to my room and within not even half an hour, Igor, the guy working the desk comes in and asks “Would you like a pancake? Homemade.” I said that I’d love one, and we went outside and chatted with some of his friends.

The next day it was time to explore the city! Zagreb is a beautiful and comfortable city– it’s got a welcoming feel to it, and I couldn’t help but smile as I walked down the streets. I was told that there was a beautiful cemetery that I should check out, so I headed to where I was told I would fine it… and I believe that the directions were to blame. However, there were opulent houses and I found the St. Paul’s Cathedral… which I had also been told to find, but had not yet been looking for. The cathedral has an incredible tiled roof. Ash says it looks like lego, and I agree with this assessment of things. the cathedral lies in the upper city, which gives a fantastic view of the lower city. I proceeded into the lower city and explored the old town. The next few hours consisted of more wandering around, and unfortunately, resulted in a headache– back to the hostel I went!

The next day, I went with Igor and his friend to go swimming in a river outside of Zagreb. We drove 70 km outside of the city, and gosh, it felt strange to be riding in a car– I’m getting so accustomed to trains and buses. But yes, off to the river we went! We stopped first at a restaurant/coffee shop that was right on the river’s edge. After drinking our coffees, we went swimming in the river there and climbed up small waterfalls and it was just wonderful. After exerting ourselves for some time, we got out, ate some delicious sandwiches and then decided that beers were in order… so we returned to the restaurant and had some beers. At this point, we left and drove further up the river to the spot that is their favorite place to go swimming in this river. Oh, it’s the River Mreznica, by the way. There was a large tree right on the river bank that Igor quickly climbed– he then jumped into the river from such a great height! With some help (because I was not tall enough to reach the first branch), I followed suit and also climbed the tree so that I could jump into the river. We swam for several hours and the pictures below don’t come close to showing how incredibly beautiful the scene was. But you know, water and electronics don’t mix, so my pictures were constrained to being taken from the banks.

We had left Zagreb at 11AM, and we didn’t leave the river until past 6PM. We headed back into the city and went to Igor’s friend’s apartment. We ordered Chinese food that was impressively good, drank lots of beer and wine, played cards, and then a board game where you are a mob member who is trying to sell whiskey. It was an incredible day, and well… there’s not much more to say about it– it was just perfect.

The next morning marked my departure from Zagreb– off to Ljubljana I went!


St. Mark’s Cathedral… with its gorgeous Lego roof.


The view of Zagreb.


The Old Square


The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


The view of the River Mreznica from the coffee shop.


Lunch time!


Croatian countryside– it’s stunning.


The view of view from the second place we stopped to go swimming.


Good people.

I enjoyed Croatia so thoroughly, I will undoubtedly be returning.


One response to “Zagreb, Croatia (9.1.09 – 9.4.09)

  1. The balkans are in my top five fun times in foreign lands list.

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