Cannes, France (9.7.09 – 9.9.09)

After a day full of travel, I finally arrived in Cannes on Monday, the 7th. I’ll talk a bit about the trains before I say anything about Cannes. As of late, I’ve been hearing horror stories about night trains. Primarily from girls, however, none of whom have been traveling alone. When I was on the train from Budapest to Zagreb, I became friends with an Australian couple who told me of their unpleasant experiences, which were troubling enough to cause me to say “Alright… I won’t be taking any night trains then.” And within the week, what do I find myself doing?? TAKING A NIGHT TRAIN. Oh well… sometimes these things must be done. I told myself that just like the rest of the time, if I am careful, everything will be fine… and luckily enough, my trip was devoid of problems. The train ride was a little over three hours long, which meant I didn’t sleep much or well. When I ride on trains and worry I won’t wake up for my stop, despite setting alarms, my “rest” is very uneasy. I had an hour between trains, and it was off again. Three trains later, I arrived in Cannes, where I was picked up from the train station by my cousin, Hannah, and her boyfriend, Tinker. We returned to where they were staying and we took it easy for a bit. I showered, which was more than welcome after a long day of travel. After a while, we drove into the city for a meal, which was exquisite, delicious, and pricy. We walked around the city a while to see Cannes at night, and then returned home, where I fell asleep within a minute of my head touching the pillow.
The next day, Hannah and Tinker had planned for us to go out and about, which is exactly what we did. We started the day off by going to pick up a new adapter, because we somehow managed to break mine. We suspect that the fuse blew… but it just doesn’t make sense. Plugging in a hair dryer shouldn’t have broken it… but oh well. So, we took a trip to an electronics store, and then a trip to the grocery store. We returned to the apartment, ate lunch, then we were off! We started in Grasse, which is famous for perfume! We went on a tour of a perfume company and got to see some of the various stages of perfume making. After Grasse, we went to Antibes, which is just an exquisitely beautiful seaside town in the Côte d’Azur. We walked around the streets of the town for a while, and got some ice-cream, then headed to the beach. We were all unprepared for beach times, as none of had swimsuits or towels, but we hung out for a while anyway. Before returning to Cannes, we sat and had a beer at a cafe. We returned to the apartment and I cooked us dinner; it was the same meal that I made for myself in Ljubljana. The dish consists of chicken, tomato, and mushrooms, and some garlic in a white wine and cream sauce, served over pasta. They asked me what I call this dish, so I’ve now named it the “Cannes-Cannes.” Dinner was accompanied by a couple of bottles of wine, and for the second night in a row, I slept like a baby.
The next morning, I got up, showered, packed my things, and finished reading The Twelve Chairs, by Ilf and Petrov, which was an extremely amusing Russian satire. We took our sweet time getting ourselves together, but eventually were ready to go. They dropped me off at the train station and off to Nice I went.


Cannes at night


This is Hannah, and oh gosh, I love her.


The view from their apartment!


This is from the perfume tour– it’s one of the methods used to extract scent from flowers. The flowers are placed upon a layer of fat that absorbs their smell. The fat then goes through an additional process in which the scent is extracted.


We went on a tour through the Fragonard perfume company.


View driving out of Grasse


Also the view driving out of Grasse


The port in Antibes


The beautiful coast of Antibes


And again…


The beach! It’s a pity we were unprepared


On the way home from Antibes, the sunset was just breathtaking, so we had to stop and get pictures. This is my cousin Hannah and me.


And then I was off to Nice, for more beaches!


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