Nice, France (9.9.09 – 9.11.09)

Nice was well… nice. Very nice. I got into Nice in the afternoon on Wednesday, after some confusion, found my hostel and settled in. Per usual, I walked around town a while to see what was in my immediate vicinity. I easily and happily discovered that the beach was merely a 15 minute walk from my hostel. After walking the town and casually browsing in a few shops, I went to the Monop to pick up some food… the regular purchase of bread and cheese. I love France, and I love being able to walk 5 minutes down the street and being able to return with a fresh baguette. Upon returning to the hostel to eat, I made friends with my roommates who were three Australian girls. They said that they were going to go gambling in Monaco, and would I like to join them? The answer, of course, was a resounding yes. We ended up not going that night, and just taking it easy because we were all quite tired, but decided that we would definitely go out the next night.
The next morning, I woke up and set off with the mission of buying a bikini so that I could go and lounge at the beach. I have a one-piece swimsuit that I adore, but tanning in a one-piece, is rather self defeating. After a few hours, I returned to my hostel with a bikini, flip-flops, and a pair of black flats (so that I had more than just my tennis shoes and had something a bit more dressy for going out at night). I changed, grabbed a beach towel, and headed down to the beach. I lay at the beach for hours, tanning, topless, mind you, because I COULD! I read a considerable about of some crime novel called The Closers that I had gotten from a book trade in Ljubljana. After three hours, I decided that maybe it was time I went back to the hostel so that I could shower and get ready to go out to Monaco. I took the train into Monaco, with plans of meeting up with the girls there. Just outside of the train station, I met two Australian girls who were also planning on going to the Monte Carlo, so we went together. Upon arriving, we discovered that there is a 10 Euro charge just to get into the Monte Carlo… which we decided was pretty ridiculous. Why would we give them money… so that we could give them even more of our money? Rather silly, really… plus, they only had Roulette, Black Jack, and machines. The girls wanted to play some poker, so we ended up going to a smaller casino called The Sun, that was just next door.
Sadly, I have no pictures from the casino, because the require that you check in your camera before entering. The girls played Texas Hold ‘Em, and War, and I tried my hand at Roulette. I actually won money on a number, which pays out 1:36, and I had 2 Euro down. So, I won 72 Euro… most of which went back on the table. Casinos are amazing: everyone really thinks that they’re going to win. And I have to admit, I get sucked into this mindset as well. I mean, I easily could have walked away with winnings I would have been thrilled with… but instead, I played more, because I genuinely felt that I would win again. I didn’t, of course, but luckily I was able muster the restraint to walk away with 6 more Euros than I began with. And considering that at the beginning of the night, I’d told myself that I was allowed to spend 20 Euro at the casino, I’m actually pretty pleased that I was able to walk away with more than I’d started off with. I returned to my hostel and went to bed, as I needed to be up obscenely early to catch a 5:45 AM train, beginning my journey to Rome.


The view of old town,as seen on my walk down to the beach


A fountain in the large square before the beach front. I really wanted to play in it.


One of my first views of the Nice beach



I don’t own any other clothes, or so it would appear from the pictures that I’m actually in.


More beach


Isn’t it just beautiful? I kind of wish I had spent another day here… there’s nothing quite like relaxing and tanning at the beach.


Me in front of the Monte Carlo! This is my “I should probably wear something nice” outfit.

Rome update coming soon!


2 responses to “Nice, France (9.9.09 – 9.11.09)

  1. You look lovely!!! Ah to be back in France! Excited bout Gran Canaria??? Im jealous!

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