A Failed Attempt and a Lesson in Patience (9.20.09)

Yesterday, I was supposed to go bungee jumping. I booked my spot, and I got up at 6 in the morning to get myself where I needed to be, halfway between Milano and Turino. I took a 6:45 train, and then another train to get myself out to Biella. Then I tried to take a taxi, which would have cost 30 Euros… so I decided against it.  I waited around over an hour and a half to catch a bus into town, and then tried to call the taxi company that was recommended. The woman answered and told me that she didn’t have a car???? UNCLEAR. I don’t know how you can be a taxi service and not have a car… so I decided to walk. I walked for over 2 hours and never saw a single sign for the Bungee Center. Also, I called them three times, and no one ever answered the phone. I turned around to begin the long walk to the train station.  I was annoyed, and disappointed mostly, but I talked myself out of it. Once at the train station, I had to wait TWO hours for a train, because nothing runs on a regular schedule on a Sunday in Europe. At 5 o’ clock, I was back in Milan. I gathered my belongings, checked train schedules and went back off to the train station to depart for Interlaken. I nearly missed my train because the man at the ticket desk sold me a reservation for a train departing 4 minutes from when we were done speaking.  I had to sprint through the station with my giant backpack, which at this point, EASILY weighs 40 pounds. I made it though.

So. My reflections from the day. Life: It is what it is. No matter how disappointed I am… it’s not going to change the fact that the day did not turn out as intended… so, a change of perspective is called for. I got to spend 2 hours, getting exercise in absolutely beautiful scenery. It was a lesson in patience. Sometimes these things happen for a reason… I suspect that it just wasn’t meant to be.

I owe updates… I know, I KNOW! Rome is going to be a killer… then there’s Florence (with a day trip to Pisa), and Milan (with a day trip to Genoa), and soon enough I will need to update about Interlaken, too.


2 responses to “A Failed Attempt and a Lesson in Patience (9.20.09)

  1. Hello, I love reading your blog! Your adventures are amazing. It is a good thing you bought new bras and panties since you seem to have brought only one outfit with you!! just kidding!!

    • Despite the expense, those bras and panties were one of the best purchases I’ve made in a while- cute and comfortable!
      Haha, and since I’ve noticed that I seem to wear the same outfit in all of my pictures, I’ve tried to mix it up a bit more… which does prove to be difficult with such a limited wardrobe!
      I’m so glad that you read this, Lori! I hope you’re all keeping well. 🙂

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