Milano/Genoa, Italy (9.18.09 – 9.20.09)

I arrived mid-afternoon and made my way via metro to the Repubblica station from Milano Centrale. After some wandering around to get my bearings, I found what I was looking for and headed down the street to Pierluigi’s. After arriving, I spent some time on the internet, catching up and sorting out plans and the likes. After my love affair with the internet, I left, on foot, to see what Milano, or at least Milano in its immediate vicinity from my posting, had to offer. I walked around for quite some time… to find little of great appeal. I returned to the main train station, thinking that perhaps it would offer some spectacularly bustling center… but it did not. Instead it offered many impatient taxis and trams who wanted to run me over. So much for that. I headed back in the direction from which I had come, and came across a park where I ate my stale bread and cheese, and read One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest for a while. After enjoying my scenery for a while, I continued my walk. Eventually, I found a main shopping street, and was able to buy a few things I needed. I returned to the apartment, showered, and before long, Pierluigi returned home. We left to go get some wine from the market, and were off to another CS’ers house (Toby’s) for dinner. And what a dinner it was! We had pasta with salmon, and salad, accompanied by several bottles of wine (and later vodka mixed with juice). The company was superb. It consisted of Paolo (the Milano CS ambassador), Toby, Sevda, and Yeliz,  Pierluigi, and myself. It was a damn good night. Toby was kind enough to drop Pier and I off at his apartment, and to bed we were, with grand plans for the next day.
We woke in the morning and got ready for Toby to pick us up. After long last, he arrived, and off we all were to Chocolat– a gelateria, well renowned for its delicious treats. After devouring said treats, we began the drive to Genoa. And what a day it was!!!
After a long drive which consisted, if I’m not mistaken, of naps for everyone expect our driver, we were in Genoa! We parked the car, and began to explore. We walked and walked and walked around the beautiful coastal city, exploring the beautiful sights that the city offered us. We found a market, which we managed to keep finding… it was full of cheese and wine vendors… which meant that we all left significantly fatter and happier… especially the boys. We saw Genoa’s respective sights for several hours and eventually stopped for drinks. First we (we= Pier, Toby, Yeliz, Selvda, and I) stopped in a square and ordered beers … all except for Sevda, who ordered a cappuchino. Our drinks were accompanied by aperitivo… which were a welcome snack to accompany our beverages.
After enjoying our respective drinks, we left, walked around for a while longer, and found ourselves another bar, where we drank more and enjoyed even more aperitivo. Before long, it was nearly 11 at night, so we headed for the car and made our way home. After a shower, I was quick to fall asleep.
The next morning I was up early… you know… ready for what would end up being a failed attempt in bungee jumping.
After getting back to Milano at 5 PM, I gathered my belongings, checked train schedules and headed off to Milano Centrale, due to arrive in Interlaken, Switzerland.


On day number one, I spent some time reading in the park. It was well worth it.


My dinner dates. Damn good people… every single one of them. (Left to right: Paolo, Yeliz, Pier, Toby, and Sevda


A fountain in the center of Genoa


Tonly and Yeliz in front of said fountain


Cheese at the market! One of many… many vendors…


Beer and aperitivo… delicious and delicious.


Where Christopher Colombus used to live… apparently


Life is beautiful now that you have won my little heart… (something like that???  Someone fix this poor translation, please!)


The view from Pier’s


The view from the train station in Cossato on the way to my adventure fail in Valle Mosso.


I saw this in Valle Mosso… I dig it.


Valle Mosso. It’s very pretty… which is lucky for me… seeing as I basically spent over two hours exercising there… but such is life!

After my bungee jump adventure fail, I returned to Milano, packed my bags, and headed for Interlaken… update coming to a Liz Adventure blog near you.


3 responses to “Milano/Genoa, Italy (9.18.09 – 9.20.09)

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  2. I’ve had gelato at Chocolat in Milano too 😀
    Too bad you didn’t get to see much of the city? There is Michelangelo’s last pietà… and a beautiful ceiling by Da Vinci, looks like you’re outdoors… and so much more to see. Not my favourite city in Italy but those two things alone make it worth a visit.

    • Mmmm, that was some good gelato.
      I had a really good time while I was there, so I’m not heartbroken about the things that I didn’t do… also, from what I understand, you have to book tickets to see The last Supper months in advance. So unfortunately, that wasn’t really an option. Oh well! Now I just have an excuse to go back. 😀

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