Bern, Switzerland (9.24.09)

My time in Bern was brief… only two hours long. I found my hostel in Interlaken by looking for somewhere in Bern, but, I was perfectly content with the way it all turned out. However, on Thursday, the day I was due to leave Interlaken for Venice, I decided that I would get up early and take full advantage of my day’s travel on my rail pass by taking a brief trip to Bern before leaving Switzerland.
It was really nice, and I am definitely glad to have seen it… but I am even more glad that I ended up staying in Interlaken, and not Bern. It was nice, but it’s a rather small city for being Switzerland’s capital. OK, maybe not small… but just… concentrated. It had neither the appeal of Geneva or the beauty of Interlaken. I’m making it sound like I didn’t enjoy it, but that’s far from the truth. It was lovely… it’s just hard to go from somewhere as beautiful, relaxing, and laid-back as Interlaken into a capital city.
I walked the city quickly, making sure to see Bern’s worthwhile sights. I found a market that covered a large square, and after a bit of wandering, found that which I had been seeking: a fountain. This fountain features an ogre eating small children… SO AWESOME.
After eyeing the fountain with a large grin on my face, I continued through the Old Town to find the Zeitglockenturm, a beautiful clock, similar to but smaller than the Astronomical Clock in Prague. I got to watch the revolving figures call in the next hour. After watching the small animals announce the beginning of a new hour, I headed for the Cathedral Munster, which above its doors features a detailed scene of heaven and hell.
After the cathedral, I headed back to the train station, grabbing a snack along the way. I boarded a train to Interlaken, so that I could collect my bags and immediately return to the station where I would head for Venice.

The market!


The ogre statue. If only there were more statues as epic as this. I feel that Arizona is severely lacking in such things….


The back of the ogre statue… you can see the looks of terror in the children’s faces.


The Zeitglockenturm


The scene of heaven and hell above the cathedral doors.


This is Bern as seen from a bridge over the River Aare.

Next up… Venice!


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