Eins, Zwei, Drei, G’suffa! (or) Munich/Oktoberfest, Germany (9.28.09 – 9.30.09)

I arrived in Munich and took the Metro to my stop, and began to head for my hostel. By this time it was about 2PM, and as I walked, I could tell that I was definitely walking away from all the fun. Throngs of men and women dressed in traditional dirndls and trachts walked against my direction of travel, and I fell in love with every single one of them. Unfortunately, check in at my hostel was not until 4PM, so I went to get (late) lunch at  Subway, and hung out in the lobby, updating my blog until it was time to check in. Once 4PM came, I got the key to my room and headed upstairs. I chatted with my roommates for a while, changed purses and headed off to Oktoberfest. I spent the first two hours wandering around the extensive festival grounds taking pictures of the rides, and enjoying the delicious foods sold by the countless vendors. I was delighted, surprised, and amused to see so many drunk old men. You expect to see lots of drunk youths, but you quickly learn that at Oktoberfest, reckless excess is fun for all ages.

After the sun had set, and I felt I had taken a sufficient excess of photos of the rides, and seen a sufficient number of stumbly drunks, I decided to go into a beer tent to start the drinking, in order to become one of those stumbly drunks. I made friends with a group of Portuguese boys in one of the tents, and spent the rest of the night in their company. Specifically, I spent a good deal of time with one of the boys, Paul… and umm, I’ll leave that story there. At about 1AM, I walked back to my hostel… and on the way, got hit on by a very drunk Scot. He definitely needed to work on his combination of drunk and charming… he had the drunk part perfected… charming? Not so much.

The next morning, I headed into town to find an H&M… because I was in dire need of clean clothes… and in lieu of washing my dirty clothes, I just bought new ones. This sounds so absurd, and I mean, really, it was… but the room setup was not ideal for washing my clothing in the sink, so I decided just to go and buy a new shirt. On the way back from H&M, I passed several shops selling dirndls and despite weak efforts to avoid them, the siren songs were calling my name… and before long, I found myself walking out of one of said shops, the owner of a beautiful new outfit.

I walked quickly back to my hostel, changed into my new dirndl, and left immediately for the Munich Hauptbanhof, where I was due to meet Ben Marx at 3PM… and already running late. Fifteen minutes late, I found Mr. Marx, and after chatting for a while, we headed for an Irish pub that he recommended. I had a snake bite (I think???)… which means that they took a beer and managed to make it girly. It was delicious… but super girly. Ben was hesitant to go to Oktoberfest, but I was insistent, and before long, off we went. We ended up sitting in the Spatenbräu-Festhalle, downing several steins. The atmosphere in this place was incredible. The band was great, and everyone was standing on the benches, dancing, singing, and drinking along with one another… it’s a beautiful thing to see such drunken revelry and comraderie. I learned what I would venture to say is my new favorite phrase: Eins, Zwei, Drei, G’suffa!

Translated: One, Two, Three, Drunk!

And indeed, that was the case. Drunk and happy, Ben and I headed for the Hauptbanhof, because he was due to play an open mic night… somewhere that was not in Munich. I have no idea where exactly it was that we went, but we ended up at a bar, and unfortunately, the open mic ended up a no-go, so we went back to his friend’s place and spent the night there.

We woke up at 7AM, so that I could catch a train back to Munich. I tried in vain to sleep off the hangover on the ride home, but unsuccessfully. Once back at the hostel, I went to go see my neighbor: Kristen, my friend from Interlaken! She had gotten in the night before and she was ready to do some drinking.

Before long, I was ready to go, and off to Oktoberfest we went. We wandered around for a while so that she could see the grounds, and we decided to ride the Star Flyer! It was fun, but I definitely was not feeling 100% just yet… and that didn’t help. After the ride, we got chocolate covered fruit kebabs, which was an indescribably good idea. We then set off in search of a beer tent where we could get down to business. First, we sat in the Augustiner-Festhalle. The first beer was tough, due to the fact that I was still drinking off my hangover, but by the end of the first stein, all was well. Despite the band playing, this place didn’t have enough character for us, so after one stein, we set off in search of another hall. We ended up in the Spatenbräu-Festhalle, the same hall as I had gone to with Ben the night before, because I knew that this place was fun. After finishing off another stein, we returned to the hostel because I needed to get my bags and catch a train. Drunk, I headed for the station, and to my dismay, missed my train by only a minute. But, these things are not the end of the world, and an hour later I was on another train headed for Berlin… but that’s another story, and another blog entry.

But now: PICTURES!


The Star Flyer


The Star Flyer again… I loved taking pictures of the rides


A drunkie, passed out on the floor. Once they woke him up, I was surprised to find that he was German!


More rides!




I don’t know what these rides are called…





In the Hofbräu-Festzelt!

Fun, fun, fun in the Hofbräu-Festzelt! Drunken singalongs? Oktoberfest, I’m in love.


Paul and I


The Munich Rathaus (town hall)


Ben Marx!


The Spatenbräu-Festhalle

I apologize for the drunken camera work… festivities in the Spatenbräu-Festhalle… I love this song


One down


Stein number 2 in progress


By the end of the night, no one is left sitting. This isn’t quite the end of the night, but the overjoyed, inebriated feeling is totally infectious.


The men who let us share their table. Lovely, lovely drunks


Ben and I

I love this song so much, but don’t know the words. I’ve got the “La la la la la” down though.


The Star Flyer, on which Kristen and I went for a ride


The view of the cathedral from the Star Flyer


And… the view of the Oktoberfest grounds from the Star Flyer




The traditional gingerbread hearts!


And again… you’re supposed to give them to your sweetheart; thus the Ich Liebe Dich (I Love You).


This is the Bavaria Statue. She is the goddess of the land of Bavaria


The Augustiner-Festhalle. Day 3.




Kristen doing what everyone does best at Oktoberfest.


The stein to the left ifs mine. I don’t mess around.


And again in the The Spatenbräu-Festhalle.


Stein number two.


Oktoberfest, summed up perfectly in one picture. Yes.

Oktoberfest was absolutely incredible from start to finish… I would go again in a heartbeat, and I will look forward to the next time I can enjoy the drunken revelry once more.

Berlin next…

5 responses to “Eins, Zwei, Drei, G’suffa! (or) Munich/Oktoberfest, Germany (9.28.09 – 9.30.09)

  1. Great pics and video! Thank you for allowing me to drink vicariously ^_^

  2. OH oh oh! I’m glad you had the time of your life and all that, but I’m so glad you put up video with you in it! My little heart is going to cry, I miss you so much and I am so pleased to see you not just in stills! Oh man. Thanks. 5!

    • Awwww, you’re so cute. Get a webcam and we can have video dates? Next time you hang out with Brian and/or Fran, we should do this.
      I love you so much! I didn’t even think about that when I put the videos up, but I’m really really really glad you like them. 🙂

  3. Happened upon this site by accident…I know Ben Marks from the 2 photos. I knew him from Phoenix, AZ. My name is Brad Dater. He & my daughter were friends. Are you still friends with him? I’d love to talk with him again…

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