News and such

Hello lovelies,

I just arrived in Girona, where I will be staying with the beautiful Mercè for a few days. I met Mercè in Prague, remember?? It’s wonderful so far, and I’ve arrived at the perfect time apparently. There is a big festival/party/event/thing going in Girona right now that only happen once a year and all of  Girona gets very excited about it. Anyway, I’m so happy to see her, she is amazing.

Anyhow, the Berlin update is in progress, and oh my gosh, there will be more pictures than you can shake a stick at. How many pictures can you shake a stick at, you may ask?

The answer: Just shy of 50. (Your browsers will love me.)


Speaking of, I’ve changed some settings so that when you look at the blog, it only displays 4 posts. My entries are unintentionally becoming more and more picture heavy, so this way you don’t need to wait for one million pictures to load. You know… only 4/10 of one million… so four hundred thousand! 

Umm, what else… I was thinking about maybe doing a Q&A post. Do you have any questions for me?? Want to know where has been my favorite, maybe where I’d never return to? Perhaps you’d like advice or recommendations? Budget questions? What to take, what not to take? Questions about clothing? How I deal with certain situations? What has gone wrong and how I deal with it? How I would hypothetically deal with situations? Are you considering a trip and want to know where to start? Well, maybe you don’t have questions at all.

BUT, if you do!!! I’d love to answer them, so send them my way, and when I’ve got a few, I’ll answer them in a post.

So, lovely inquisitive minds, send those questions my way at

❤ to you all, and watch out for the Berlin update coming soon!


One response to “News and such

  1. I LOVE YOU! that is all.

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