Madrid, Spain (10.6.09 – 10.12.09)

So, I left off at the end of the train rides from hell… and really, the debacle was my fault. I put off making plans until the last minute, and consequently had trouble getting last minute reservations. Oh well. At long last, I was in Madrid. Ash met me at the Chamartin station, and we took the metro to Nueva Numancia, to go to his apartment.
This will be a fairly short entry (especially compared with the monster of a Berlin entry), because the proceeding 6 days that I spent in Berlin were consistently lazy. At this point, I had just hit the three month mark… meaning that I had been traveling for three months straight at this point… and it was quite nice to veg around for a couple days, wasting time on the internet.
On Tuesday, the day of my arrival, we hung out for a few hours. I showered, and we met Ash’s roommate, Dan, for tapas. Dan headed home, and we went out for a drink, and unfortunately, I was struck by a fierce headache, so we called it a night.
The next day was similarly lazy. The biggest event of the day was when Ash and I went to get lunch around the corner. We got papusas, which are difficult to describe, but uhh, they’re pancakes with different meat and cheese fillings.
The next day, we went to a few stores within the neighborhood, and returned to the apartment, where we spent the remainder of the day cooking and drinking wine.
Friday was another lazy day, and we discussed going out that night, but never got around to it.
On Saturday, I finally took myself off to go and see Madrid, and I walked around for several hours, ending up at the Reina Sofia museum. I left my camera at the bag check, because I thought that the signs had said that no pictures were allowed, but once inside, I was somewhat annoyed to discover that cameras were, in fact, allowed within the museum. This museum was fantastic. It boasts large collections of work by many Spanish artists. They have Picasso’s “Guernica,” an enormous, and very well known piece of his work. They had a large number of Picasso’s, some of which I quite enjoyed, which was a nice surprise, because he is not an artists whose work I usually enjoy. To my delight, they had several Dali’s, some Magritte, and some Man Ray. After spending several wonderful, free hours at the museum, I headed back to Ash’s. We went out that night for drinks with some of Ash and Dan’s friends. We started off with beers at a small bar, went for more beers at another bar, and ended up in a “Jazz” club, where the musicians played Blues. It was a very good night out, but I was quite exhausted. Home and to bed we went.
Sunday was yet another lazy day where not much was done…I really can’t remember doing anything noteworthy.
On Monday, Ash and I went to walk up a nearby hill with a beautiful view of Madrid. We enjoyed a coffee at the top of the hill, and played some cards. After this, we went to the Puerta de Atocha station so that I could reserve a spot on a night train, leaving that night for Lisbon. On the way back from the station, we stopped at a pastry shop, where I bought some delicious desert for sharing. I had some dessert, packed my bags, and at 8:00, left for the Madrid Chamartin station, in order to depart at 9:30PM for Lisbon.

As you can gather from the entry, I didn’t do much more than hang out the entire time I was in Madrid, so there are not many pictures to offer… but here they are.


Street performers mimicking Rodin’s The Kiss


The famous bear statue at Puerta del Sol


The giant Tio Pepe sign, also at Puerta del Sol


Madrid from the hilltop


Ash Ponders!


And Madrid from the hilltop again


Lisbon next… it’s going to be another beast of an entry.


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  1. Darth Vader (your father...)

    I wonder what Ash is pondering……..?

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