UK (11.24.09 – 11.30.09)

On Tuesday, we had a slow, uneventful morning. Rachel left after lunch to check out a house with some friends, during which time I stayed at the flat and caught up on some writing. Tuesday was all around rather uneventful until the night, when we went out to hit the pubs and clubs. I consumed some alcohol and had an excellent time; I demonstrated that I am a woman of my word, we sang songs, and jumped in puddles.
On Wednesday, Rachel and I took our sweet time getting out for the day. Once we were ready to go, we headed to campus to visit the radio station. I mentioned in the previous entry that Martyn, Rachel’s father, and my dad went to Southampton together, where they built a pirate radio station. This station was called Radio Glenn, and they broadcast from the university housing where they lived. It grew to become so successful that the University approached them with the offer of legitimizing the station. The station has been around ever since, and has gone through some changes. For example, they now broadcast from the Student Union Hall, not the student housing block. Also, the station is now called SURGE (Southampton University Radio from Glen Eyre), and no longer Radio Glenn. We found the station, and one of the DJ’s was kind enough to show us the studio, as they weren’t live. It was quite a feeling to see this station and be able to say “This wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the delinquency of our fathers.” We later called in and had a song dedicated to them… I asked for “Baggy Trousers,” by Madness; I found it only too fitting (if you don’t know the song, look up the lyrics and you’ll understand why). After seeing the station, we got lunch and then went to go and see the housing where our dads had lived. We then went back to Rachel’s and ate dinner before going out for “Pub Golf.” We met some of her friends at the Stag’s Head Student Union Pub, which was the “first hole.” At each hole (pub), of which there were nine, you had to buy a certain drink. The number of goes you took to finish your drink was your score for the whole. The scorecards had a par for each hole, as well as rules for certain holes. It was thoroughly ridiculous, and a lot of fun, but I drank too much.
The next morning I awoke and felt… well, hungover. Rachel had class in the morning, so I left with her to catch the bus and get the train back to London. Once back in Balham, I went to bed to sleep off my headache. The rest of the day was totally uneventful except for the fact that that night I got to talk on Skype with my Thanksgiving family who were celebrating and eating delicious foods.
Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday, so I told my family that we would be celebrating it. However, they were busy on Thursday night, so we decided that we would celebrate on Friday. That morning I woke up and went to the shops so that I could buy food. I had to go back and forth to the shops what ended up being four different times, and to my disappointment, I was totally unsuccessful in finding a turkey, so I had to make a substitution. Eventually, I was back home and had everything I needed to make dinner, so I did just that. I made chicken, roast potatoes, roast parsnip, mushrooms, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and Fran (my aunt) helped me by making the gravy and a bread sauce. For dessert I made a fruit tart… which is not very seasonal, but I can make it well. We were joined by one of Robert’s (my uncle) work colleagues from Chile; it was a thoroughly pleasant meal. I was pleased the results of my hours in the kitchen, as well as the fact that I was able to share my favorite holiday with my family.
Saturday was a totally lazy day; during the day I didn’t do anything, and that night I went out to try and see Bad Manners. The pub where they were playing was in the East of London, and it took me over an hour and a half to get there, because in addition to being far, all of the lines that I wanted to take had closures that affected my route. I eventually got out there, only to discover that the show had been canceled! I returned home which took just shy of an hour and a half… so, all in all, I wasted three hours and wasn’t even able to see them! These things happen sometimes!
On Sunday, I woke up quite late, packed my bag and headed for Canterbury to see my friend Amelia, who I know because she digs ABC Adventures. She picked me up from the station, and we went back to hers. Amelia is lovely and was fantastically hospitable! She’s a vegan (and she runs a blog about traveling as a vegan… it’s called Travelling Vegan, appropriate, non?) and she made delicious vegan food for our meals! We discussed going to catch Bad Manners play in Margate, which is a different part of Kent about thirty minutes away from Canterbury by train… but unfortunately, the trains didn’t run late enough for us to be able to get a return train. This being the case, we decided to go to a pub quiz run by her friend Tom at the Kent University Student Pub. We won second place which meant that we got a free round of drinks!
On Monday, Amelia and I went into Canterbury so that I could see the town. We went to visit the Canterbury cathedral which was absolutely magnificent. Afterwards, we went to go get hot chocolate at a small coffee shop, and hung out there for quite some time before braving the cold and walking back to hers. Amelia made another fantastic meal, and we stayed in watching Firefly, which I have to admit was pretty cool.

The rest of my Canterbury adventures will be continued, of course, in the next entry.

Rachel and I on the bus to the first pub of the night

Introducing Rachel to Jager bombs… she was so wary, but after she was singing their praises to her friends.

The Stag’s Head Student Union Pub… one of my dad’s old haunts


We are geniuses…

Who think that jumping in puddles is a great idea.

The SURGE radio station!

Me outside of the J-block of the Glen Eyre halls where my dad used to live!

Drink. Drank. Drunk.

Singalongs with Gary “Okey”

Doing the Time Warp! I was at the front of my line 🙂

My cousin Hattie giving the dessert a thumbs up

Mmmm, delicious.


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  1. HI, that girl is buff! You know your cousin hattie. 😀 xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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