UK (12.17.09 – 12.23.09)

This has been another fairly quiet week. Despite not getting back home until 4AM on the 17th, I woke up at a fairly reasonable time and ran around London doing errands and Christmas shopping. That was basically the extent of Thursday. Friday was another quiet day. I planned on going to see Bad Manners that night, but tried to get in touch with the venue ALL DAY and not once did anyone answer the phone. The venue website didn’t have anything about the show on there, and I didn’t want a repeat of when I ended up traveling for three hours to find out that they’d been cancelled. So yeah, in short… I didn’t go… because also, I’d been fighting off a headache all day (wamp wamppp).  On Saturday I stayed in again, and hung out with my cousin Hattie and her friend while my aunt and uncle went out for drinks at a friend’s place. On Sunday, the highlight of my day was going Christmas shopping up at Oxford Circus… as far as I remember, I came back emptyhanded… I’m not always very good at Christmas shopping. But at least I didn’t come away with presents for me!
Monday and Tuesday consisted again of Christmas shopping, and little else… BUT, by the end of it all, the Christmas shopping was FINISHED!!! These are strenuous times!
Wednesday consisted entirely of Russian visa preparation. I literally spent HOURS getting everything in order and filling out the forms in order to apply! Luckily though, at the end of it all, everything was sorted and all I needed to do was go to hand in all of the forms in person… which would have to be done on Thursday…which of course, takes us into next week, so will be covered in the next entry.

I don’t think that I have any pictures for this week? Next week will be full of them, I promise.

❤ babies, have a very Merry Christmas… if that’s your sort of thing.

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