So, after spending a frustrating afternoon in Sharm, looking for a youth hostel that didn’t want to be found, I decided: to Dahab I would go!

… and I must say, it was undoubtedly the right decision to make. I made a friend while waiting for the bus in the station. Her name is Juanita and she’s from New Zealand, so we’re combining some of our plans over the next couple of days. It’s nice, and if anything, relieving to have someone else to share a bit of the journey with in Egypt. It instantly took a weight off of my shoulders and removed a certain anxiety that try as I might, I cannot help but have traveling through Egypt alone.

We’re staying in an awesome place, called ‘Penguin Village,’ that is really laid back and has a pleasant, easygoing atmosphere.

So, I’m safe and happy. I’ve got to update about my new years and the following week. Hopefully I’ll get that done tomorrow.

❤ kiddies


6 responses to “Decisions

  1. I am beyond happy you’re here! Have fun in glorious Sinai!!

  2. David Freundlich

    Hi Liz. Sorry to hear of your troubled travels, but glad you are there now. And a shame about the accommodation in Sharm too, but you seem to have resolved that well. Sounds (& looks on the website) a good choice with Penguin Village. Must be warm & sunny too…mid 20’s?

    If you can’t scuba, at least you can snorkel. All the really good stuff is in the first 10m anyway. Hope you have an aqua-pack for your camera!

    The Red Sea is just the best, so: enjoy, have fun and soak up that winter sunshine.

    All the best, David

    • Penguin Village is, simply, the best. The people here are wonderful and helpful, and my room is less than $6 (US) a night!!! The weather is in the mid 20’s right now, which is so pleasant. 🙂

      I’m hoping to scuba on Thursday. I climed Mt. Sinai this morning, so I’ll be too tired tomorrow, I predict. Hopefully Thursday will work well!

      I have a camera with an aqua-pack that unfortunately, is back in the States. I’m hoping that I will have the opportunity to rent a camera perhaps? And if not, I have a cheap ‘underwater disposable camera’ that I should be able to take down a few meters, which is better than nothing.

      I hope you’re all keeping well. 🙂

      By the way, it means a lot to me that you and Elaine both keep up with this blog. I think it’s really sweet of you 🙂

  3. Elaine Freundlich

    I’m pleased you’ve found somebody to travel with. Although I really enjoyed Egypt and we were constantly assured that it is a safe country, I was pleased that I was not alone.

    • We’ll only be traveling together for a few days, but the company of another person while getting used to a foreign country is reassuring.
      I do feel like Morocco was excellent practice for my experiences here. I also believe it’s safe… you just have to be firm with your no’s and no thank you’s.

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