Leaving on a jet plane

Today is my last full day in Egypt, and I’m sad to be leaving tomorrow. I’ve had an absolutely incredible time here and will be especially sad to leave Sara; she’s amazing.

So, back to England I go… for four days, and then it’s off to Germany… and then Guernsey, followed by Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Russia, and Latvia.


4 responses to “Leaving on a jet plane

  1. I miss you 🙂
    Again, thank you for being you!!

    And maybe I could come to wherever you will be during the summer and the one after you come here! And so on, of course! haha

    • Well… in June/July, I’ll probably be down in Greece or Turkey. Those might be within reach, yes??? I hope!!
      It would absolutely be the best if we could meet somewhere in Europe.
      Next summer I think I’m going to South Korea, and hopefully some of Southeast Asia as well.
      The summer after that I was thinking to try and see some of the London Olympics, and perhaps going to India… but these are just ideas at the moment, not plans, per se.

  2. David Freundlich

    Sad…but full of happy memories no doubt! Amazing photos of what clearly was an amazing visit. I love the place and am delighted you’ve had such a good time.

    Hope 4 days is enough to relax…then enjoy Germany. Regards to Brigitte and family.

    I have a friend who lives on Guernsey, so if you need any local help just let me know. John is a great guy and I’m sure happy to help/guide/advise.

    Enjoy your ongoing adventure and safe travels.

    • Oh, the last month of travel is full of happy memories! I have had such an incredible time; it’s really a terrific country. I already look forward to being able to return to Egypt and exploring more. I definitely can see why you like it, and why you love the Red Sea.
      I’m hoping that I can return within the next three years or so, and get my Advanced Open Water Certification. That would be the best. 🙂

      I think four days is enough time!!! They’ll be mostly spent restoring order and preparing for the next leg of my journey. I will be sure to give Brigitte your regards; I’m very much looking forward to seeing her. She’s so kind and welcoming!

      It’d be nice to have a contact in Guernsey, so I may take you up on that!

      Thanks very much David! Whenever I’m next in England for a fair amount of time, it would be very nice to see you all again.

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