For those of you who do follow my blog, thank you. I’ve been noticeably absent as of late… I just haven’t been in a writing mood recently. However, I promise to catch up to now over the course of the next week– so watch out! Updates are coming!!!

I’m in Guernsey at the moment (one of the English Channel islands) and it’s lovely. I’m well, and hope you can all say the same.


13 responses to “Hello

  1. happy house-sitting, love!

    It was mad! hehe I miss you, too!

    • Thanks miss! I’m using this time to catch up on some things, to get some exercise, read Gravity’s Rainbow, work on a cross-stitch, and study some French. Getting up to date on the blog is number one priority, so (at least) one of the entries documenting OUR MAGNIFICENT TIME TOGETHER will be up by tomorrow night… or my name isn’t Liz Adventure.

  2. yes we can 😉

    • Thomas, I’m very glad to hear it. Am I right that you’re one of my readers who I don’t actually know? You’re from Germany, yes? I was just there! I spent some time in Frankfurt, Beilngries, and a day and a half in Munich.

  3. you’re right.
    lat: 52:07:47N (52.12969)
    lon: 11:38:15E (11.63761)

    • How is Magdeburg? And how did you come across my little labor of love, if you don’t mind me asking?

      • it’s ok. i have to say, i don’t really know, how i got here, but i stayed, and that’s what counts. i think, your blog sounded interesting. i have to improve my english skills and the more i read and write, the more i learn to think in english again. i hope, this will shorten the process of thinking before speaking. at the time, i have to think to much before i speak.
        magdeburg is ok, a little nice town, very familiar in several scenes. we are just 230000 people. there are still ugly corners, but principally md //abbrevation of magdeburg, according to our license numbers// is beautifull. i learned to love it relative late, but now i love it from the bottom of my heart.

        • Well, regardless of how you found me, I’m very pleased that you keep coming back. 🙂
          I’m working on my French skills at the moment… it’s been over 5 years since I’ve studied it, and I haven’t been practicing in that time, so getting back into that mindset of trying to think in another language is tough, but I know exactly what you mean… once in that mindset, it does make response time much shorter.
          I just looked at some pictures of Magdeburg. It looks really lovely. I’m glad to hear you love it from the bottom of your heart. I think that’s the best when you really love the place where you live; it helps make home feel even more like home.

          • i’d never learned french. when i went to school, we learned russian. but i try to catch up on. i started with spanish about a month ago. after that i think french and italian are easier to learn, because thy’re romance languages. they are very similar, for example kitchen: fr: cuisine, it: cucina, es: cocina.
            i like so many places, but i know, md is home…
            good night

  4. You’re in fucking Guernsey. Son of a bitch.

  5. Hi Elizabeth
    I’m having a big catch up with Miss Adventure. I’m exhausted just reading it let alone living it. On a domestic note, I love it that you are so into pub quizzes. I’ll see if Anne can find us one for your next trip to Guernsey – the 4 of us would be an awesome team!!
    Anne xx

    • Haha, I need to have a big catch up with Miss Adventure, myself. I’m so behind!!! I just haven’t been in the writing mood lately, but I think I’ll get back in the swing of things soon.
      I would LOVE if we went to a pub quiz!! We really would be an amazing team. This is a very good plan. 😀
      Looking forward to seeing you soon. Only a few more weeks now!!!

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