UK (2.4.10 – 2.9.10)

Once I had my bag in hand at Gatwick, I headed for the train station and began the journey back home. When I arrived, everyone was asleep, and before following suit, I decided to file my taxes!
I filled Friday with errands, in order to prepare to leave once more, as I was leaving for Frankfurt on Tuesday, leaving only four full days back in England to get myself sorted. I considered going to a gig at Hootanannys in Brixton, but when it came down to it, I decided to stay in and get some sleep… and I didn’t know any of the bands who were playing, so it was no loss.
There is little to report about Saturday; I spent the day catching up on washing, and rest… two very important things.
On Sunday, I took care of more errands and that night went to Farnborough to see my cousin Hannah. We went back to her house for a bit, and I was able to see my Aunt for a while as well. We caught up on life, etc, and I clipped the cat’s nails. Afterwards, Hannah and I went out for drinks and appetizers at a snazzy hotel nearby, after which, I got the train back to London and Hannah went home to rest up for the imminent work week.
On Monday, I went to go and see my Granny, as I hadn’t seen her since Christmas and was readying to disappear for another two months. We spent a wonderful evening together chatting, and looking at old picture albums.  My uncle had a late night at work, but I got to see him as well before I was back to London once more.
I spent Tuesday packing in a manner far less expedient than it should have been. My flight was due to depart at  8:40, and around 5:40, I left London, headed for the airport, and made it with only a few minutes left to check my bag– a narrow escape! Security was a breeze, and fifteen minutes after checking my bag, I was at the gate, waiting to get on the plane for Frankfurt.

I have only photo to share with you in this entry; it is a photo my cousin and me that my Granny has… one of the treasures I found while browsing the many photo albums she has. I am the one in the blue swimsuit (if you can’t tell). I have no idea what I am doing, but I am reminded of a strong-man (the circus type) and I love it.


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