Dublin, Ireland (5.13.10 – 5.15.10)

The bus got into Dublin at about 3PM, and I was due to meet my host at the Spire at 4:15. In my head, the Spire was a church spire, and upon seeing a particularly large one, I thought, that must be where we’re meeting, and headed towards it. Unfortunately, as I worried was the case, I was not in the right place… and my mobile had died. I got in contact with my host, and he gave me directions to his place, so I got the train and headed to his house. Then, to my shock and horror, discovered that the train I was on did not stop where it had originally said it would, so I had to get off at the next stop and wait for a train in the opposite direction, which wasn’t coming through for another forty-five minutes. A number of other people on the track confirmed that the same thing had happened to them, so it wasn’t carelessness… the train was supposed to stop but it didn’t. Finally, I arrived at the station, and David, my host, was there waiting for me. We went back to his place and spent the rest of the night hanging out. He made a dinner of pasta, red pesto, and bacon which was fantastic, and paired well with the copious number of beers we proceeded to consume. He had lots of musical instruments, and I mentioned that when I go home I’m going to start learning how to play the guitar, to which he responded “Are you serious about it?” I said yes, I was, and he replied “Well what are you waiting for? That guitar’s been sitting there this whole time and you haven’t touched it yet!” So, I picked up the guitar and he taught me some chords. It was a first-rate night.
On Friday, we got up early because he had to go to work, and I said I would leave at the same time as he did. So we took the train into the city, and he went to work, and I went to explore. It was an overcast day and it rained intermittently, so I occasionally sought cover in shops; I got Phoebe’s Christmas present already though! I forgot my camera, unfortunately, but I felt as though there wasn’t really much to see in Dublin… the city consists mostly of pubs. Trinity College was beautiful, and I walked around the grounds for a while. There are some other impressive old buildings in the same area as the College, but there wasn’t much else to Dublin. David and I were due to meet at the station to go back to his house at 5PM. After waiting for over twenty minutes, I thought that I must have somehow missed him, so I took the train back to his place to see if he was waiting there. I’m not sure how we missed each other, but he got the train after me, and we were shortly reunited…  trying to coordinate plans is difficult without a mobile! Once back together, we went for a walk along the beach, because David lives outside the city enough that his town is on the coast. That night we made an amazing Chicken and Tomato Balti meal that a coworker had given him the recipe for. We drank many more beers, and then went out to his local pub to have some Guinness, because I hadn’t yet had a Guinness in an Irish pub. We had another excellent night, and talked more about music and books, and he taught me another couple of chords on the guitar.
On Saturday, we had a late start, because hey, it was the weekend! I showered, and David made an incredible breakfast. I had to be on my way because I was heading to Cork that afternoon, so after breakfast, I said goodbye and got the bus into the city. I missed the bus I had wanted by three minutes, so had to wait in the city for two hours until the next one arrived, but at 5PM, I was on my bus and headed for Cork.

David, my fantastic host

Me, drinking an absolutely mandatory pint of Guinness in Dublin.

And next up… Cork!


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