UK (5.1.10 – 5.6.10)

Once back in London, we set to work sorting out suitcases. Saturday was very uneventful really.
On Sunday, we had talked about going to the Tate Modern and Tower of London, but my dad decided that he was tired and it was probably going to rain, so he didn’t feel like going out. It was another lazy day.
Monday was a holiday, so neither my uncle or aunt had work. As this was the case, my Uncle Robert was able to drive my dad and I to the airport. I had to say goodbye to my dad after spending a whole month with him. It was sad to say goodbye, but there is not much time left until I’ll be back in the States, so I’ll see him again soon. Robert and I drove back to London, and I enjoyed the rest of a lazy day.
Tuesday was my birthday!!!! My friend Helen, whose engagement party I went to back in November, took the day off of work so that we could spend the day together; it was so, so thoughtful of her. We met at the Victoria and Albert museum in Kensington, and spent several hours there, browsing the collection. The highlight was definitely the Grace Kelly exhibit, which displayed a huge number of her gowns. It’s a good thing that the dressed were all behind glass, otherwise I would have drooled all over them. All that is left to say here, is that my sewing machine will be getting some love when I get back home. After the V&A, we crossed the city and went to lunch at the Dutch Pancake Company; our meals were huge and delicious. We then headed to Covent Garden, because there is a cake shop there called Candy Cakes, from where Helen wanted to buy me a birthday cupcake. As we walked on through Covent Garden, we passed several more cake shops, and Helen bought me a delicious chocolate mini cupcake. We then headed back to Kensington to go to the Science Museum, and within half an hour of entering, they announced that they were closing! We were surprised that they closed so early, but had to leave, so we headed to Harrods. This was the first time I had ever been in Harrods, and oh my word, it is AMAZING. The food hall was mind-blowing, and Helen offered to buy me yet another cake! We went upstairs and browsed clothes that cost more than I spend in a month, and then up more floors to coo over the animals. After an amazing day, we each headed home. I still cannot get over how kind of Helen it was to take the day off for my birthday. It was really nice to be able to spend the day with a good friend. J
On Wednesday, I headed to my Granny’s house. I arrived in the afternoon because she had some obligations that day. We had a very nice time, and caught up on life as it had been February that we had last seen each other.
On Thursday, we went out for a fish and chips lunch, which was delicious, of course! We then went to the garden center (a gigantic nursery), where my Granny bought some plants for her garden. When we got back to the house, we went and planted some of them, and I helped her do some yard work. We then showered and got ready to go out that night. My Aunt Elaine and Uncle David were coming to join us from Kent, and my Uncle Peter was there as well because he’s living at my Granny’s at the moment. Granny, Peter and I drove to the Indian restaurant where we were going for my birthday dinner, and Elaine and David were going to meet us there. As we were parking, they called, and we thought they were going to say that they were having trouble finding a space, but unfortunately, they were ringing to tell us that Elaine was feeling poorly. She felt so unwell that they couldn’t join us for dinner, and had to head back home! David stopped in at the restaurant to say hello and drop off my gifts, which was incredibly kind. It was such a pity that they were unable to join us, because it had been since Christmas since I had last seen them. After a fantastic dinner, we headed back home. When back, I opened my presents, and immediately burst out laughing. Elaine and David had given me chocolates, and… wait for it, a moustache coffee mug. It gives you a moustache when you take a sip, and you can choose from two different styles; they could not have chosen a more perfect present. I immediately called to thank them, and tell them how perfect it was. They had just gotten in, and Elaine was feeling better, but still unwell. The rest of the night was quiet, and I went to bed a very happy girl, with a stomach full of delicious Indian food.

An incredible tiny mosaic on display at the V&A

A Dali!

Miss England, that’s me!

Helen and I after a most fantastic birthday day. ❤

My grandma and me

From left to right: My grandma, me, and my Uncle David

From left to right: My Uncle Peter, my grandma, and me


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