Bergen, Norway (5.25.10 – 5.28.10)

The journey from Bodø took over twenty-four hours, but it passed without feeling like it took forever. I didn’t get any writing done, but I did sleep a lot and find that I was starting to get tired of playing Spider Solitaire. I arrived around 3PM on Wednesday and was met at the station by Silje (pronounced like Celia), who is a friend of Helen’s. I had no luck getting a CS host for my time in Bergen, so Helen asked a couple of friends if they would host me, which was extremely kind of her. Silje and I went back to her apartment so that I could drop off my bag, and a little bit later we went for a walk around Bergen. We walked through the Bryggen, which is a collection of old buildings that stand at the edge of the fjord port. Some of the buildings are starting to tilt, and despite suffering damages from some fires, they still stand and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is magnificent; just like Oslo, the city sits on the water, as well as being surrounded by forest, but feels far more impressive and charming. On the way home from our walk, we stopped at the store and got food for dinner.
On Thursday, we woke up early so that we could get the ferry to Hardangerfjord, which is about two hours away from Bergen. The weather forecast had predicted that it would rain and the temperature would be below freezing, but we decided to chance it because the weather in Bergen was already quite pleasant. The fjord was remarkable; the water has the richest blue-green color, because it is melted glacial ice. We spent several hours at the fjord, and had a picnic, while enjoying a view that could not have been more perfect. We walked around the area, and enjoyed the remarkable scenery before returning to the dock so that we could catch the return ferry. We took it easy the rest of the night and made dinner again.
On Friday, we went to jail! There is a local jail that is in disrepair, but is open for visitors if you ask for the keys at the town hall. We explored and took lots of photos; it was creepy and exhilarating. After returning the keys, we headed to an antique shop in town, but Silje didn’t feel well, so she returned to the apartment. The antique shop was incredible… I’ve never seen anything like it before. It was packed with curios to the point that it was all but impossible to move through the shop. It seemed like whenever the proprietor acquired a new oddity for the shop, it had been thrown around the shop, and left wherever it landed. I left the shop, wishing that I could take about half of it with me, and then walked around the town for a while before returning to Silje’s. She was much better when I got back, and we decided to watch The Royal Tenembaums, because it’s simply one of the best films. Ever. That night, I was due to take a train so that I could begin my journey to Copenhagen, so around 10PM, we left the apartment and slowly walked to the station. At 11PM, my train left, headed for Oslo, where I would stop en route to Denmark.

The view on the way to Bergen from Oslo.


The Bergen harbor

The view of Bryggen from the other side of the port

Bergen, surrounded by forest

On the way to the Hardangerfjord, which is the second largest fjord in Norway.

The following are pictures from the Hardangerfjord

Isn’t that the most incredible looking water you’ve ever seen?

Silje! (With her AMAZING camera. Seriously… I am now lusting after a $4000 camera. As if!!)

After our picnic lunch, we went and took pictures of some sheep that were grazing in a nearby field.

Too. cute.

A very pretty building in the town that sits on the edge of the Hardangerfjord.

Say it quickly and you will giggle… if you are a twelve year old boy. I obviously do not find this amusing in the slightest…

Pictures from the wonderfully creepy jail.

Silje, as we walked through the park to the train station.

Onward… to Copenhagen!!


4 responses to “Bergen, Norway (5.25.10 – 5.28.10)

  1. Three of the best days I’ve had so far this year!
    You’re more than welcome to visit again 🙂


  2. Hey Liz! I’m the guy who suggested that boat trip to Silje. I’m so happy it turned out well and you had a great time! I’ll have to try it myself some time 🙂

    • Well thank you for the impeccable suggestion!! We both had an amazing time, and we each remarked that it had been one of our favorite days of the year so far.
      Now we can recommend it to you! It’s definitely worth doing. 🙂

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