Brussels, Belgium (6.3.10 – 6.4.10)

I arrived in Brussels around 9PM, after over three hours of travel. I texted my CS host, Franzi, who at that time was having dinner with her parents. I got to the metro stop closest to her house, and had a beer while I waited for her. Around 11PM, I got to meet Franzi and her parents, and we headed back to her place. As it was late, we were both tired, and Franzi had work in the morning, we called it a night.
On Friday morning, I had a late start, and headed into the city by foot. I got a bit lost, but eventually found my way, and after some confusion, I found what I was looking for: The Rene Magritte Museum. When I had last been in Brussels, I went to the Magritte Museum, but only a couple of months before my visit, a second museum had been created. I had visited the museum in Magritte’s old house, while a new museum displayed a great deal of his body of work. The second of these museums is the one that I sought this time around; it was magnificent. I adore Magritte’s work; he is one of my favorite artists. I spent several hours relishing in the beauty of the truly excellent collection, and came away with some new favorites. After the museum, I headed towards the Grand Place, walking through some beautiful gardens on the way, stopping for some famed Belgian fries. I went to the Grand Place, and sat, enjoying the fries and the view, when suddenly, a large number of police officers on motorcycles drove into the square, and cleared an area. Minutes later, women in Spanish flamenco dress began to ride into the square, followed by horse drawn carriages carrying more beautifully dressed women and some matadors. The people surrounding me went absolutely mad, and within seconds, it was impossible to see anything… so I left. I headed back to Franzi’s so that I could pick up my bag, and then Franzi and I met up for a drink. After consulting my watch, I decided it was time I made my way to the station so that I could head to Rotterdam, so I said my goodbye, and did just that, albeit a little later than I had intended to be on my way.

The Koninklijk Paleis, that I found while searching for the Magritte Museum

Some absolutely beautiful buildings I passed on my way from the Magritte Museum to the Grand Place; I think they’re hotels.

The gardens I walked through; I cannot find any information on them, so I’m not even sure of the name of the gardens.

The Grand Place

And now, to Rotterdam I go!


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