Copenhagen, Denmark (5.28.10 – 5.31.10)


The train ride to Copenhagen took about eighteen hours in total; I slept on the train from Bergen to Oslo, and after a stop in Oslo, took another train headed for Copenhagen. I arrived around 5PM, and walked from the station to my CS host’s house. Chris greeted me warmly, and shortly after my arrival, we went down the street to get a coffee from the wine bar where he works. Then we returned to his place and he made an absolutely incredible dinner with fresh produce that was left over from that morning’s farmers market at which he and a friend run a stall. After a magnificent meal, we hung out and listened to The Monsters of Folk, and then called it an early night because I was quite tired.
On Sunday, I set off to explore the city, guided by a map with a route that Chris had penned out for me. I began by walking through Ørstendsparken, and walked on through small streets until I got to Strøget, which is a large shopping street that the Danish claim is Europe’s longest pedestrian shopping street. I walked the length of the street without going into any of the shops, but walked to the end, where I found a beautiful church. As I circled it, trying to find the best spot to get a good photo, I noticed a poster out front advertising a Peter Callesen exhibit. This artist blows me away, and before arriving in Denmark, I had looked at his website to see if he had any exhibitions that I could go and fawn over; to my disappointment, the site said that he was not represented by any galleries at that time. Imagine my surprise when I accidentally found an exhibit by the one artist whose work I wanted to see while in Denmark! I was thrilled, and the exhibit did not disappoint. Per usual, you can check out tons of pictures below. I then continued on to see some beautiful buildings, and the famed Nyhavn, which is a beautiful street, divided by a canal, lined with exquisite, colorful 17th century buildings. From there, I walked to see the Little Mermaid (Den Lille Havfrue), a statue of a mermaid inspired by a story by the famous Dane, Hans Christian Anderson. Unfortunately, she was touring at the time, so they had a screen with a live feed of where she is on display… which is a bit silly really. I then walked to the island of Christiansbro, to go to Christiania, which is a commune neighborhood, where weed can be easily purchased. Pictures are forbidden once you are within the Christiania gates. It was interesting to visit, but I felt uneasy being there and left quickly. I headed back to Chris’s apartment, because although it had been raining all day, it started to pour and I had been walking for eight hours at this point, so it was time to end the day. Chris had gone to visit his parents for the day, and was not yet back when I arrived, so I perched on his stairs for a while, while I waited for his return. We spent the night chatting and listening to good music once more before calling it a night.
Monday I had the pleasure of an early morning, and woke up just shy of 6AM, so that I had time to walk to the station in good time to catch my 7AM train to Paris. A long train ride ahead, I was Paris bound once more!

The following are pictures from the Peter Callesen exhibit, and need little explanation. Much of his work is done with only a piece of A4 sized paper, along with a little glue. Prepare to be amazed.

The Copenhagen Town Hall

A beautiful display on the face of the European Environmental Agency building, which shows a picture of Europe, made with a vertical garden.


More beautiful buildings on Nyhavn

The Church of Our Savior, just outside of Christiania

The entrance gate to Christiania

Now, Paris!


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