Dubrovnik, Croatia (6.18.10 – 6.21.10)

I arrived at the bus station in Dubrovnik without a place to stay, something that I have not often done over the course of the past year, but for some reason, on this occasion I had told myself “I’ll just work it out when I get there.” Outside of the bus station were groups of women offering private accommodation, i.e. a room in their house. I had planned on finding a hostel, but hadn’t bothered to write down the location of the hostel I planned on going to… when the woman dropped her price to €15 a night for a private room with private bathroom, balcony, wifi and kitchen access, I was sold. It ended up being exactly the same price as I would have paid to share a room with eleven other people! Once I was settled in, I took a shower followed by an accidental nap. I then had some dinner and went out to walk around the local area and to find the beach. I got some ice cream, because holidays must be full of ice cream, and walked along the beach. A good night, I would say!
On Saturday, I went to see the old city; it was exquisite. As soon as you enter though the city gate, the cobble stones shine like silk because they have been polished down by the footsteps over the centuries. The entirety of the old city is built in white stone, which is partly what makes the city so beautiful. I wandered the small street for a couple of hours, checking out the window displays of one tiny boutique after another; there was a very calming and relaxing ambience to the old city. Because it was holiday, there was ice cream involved in my day, and then I headed back home.
On Sunday, I finally got around to what I had been promising myself I would do during my week on the coast: I went to the beach and lay out in the sun… and that was the extent of my exertions that day.
On Monday I managed to tear myself away from the exquisite gem that was Dubrovnik, and got the bus up the coast to Split, another beautiful city on the Dalmatian Coast.

The view from my balcony

The harbor in the new part of the city

Dusk over the harbor

The Old City walls

A view down one of the main roads within the Old City

The view over Split from the bridge leading out of the city, and up the coast.

Now, off to Split for more relaxing!


2 responses to “Dubrovnik, Croatia (6.18.10 – 6.21.10)

  1. I am jealous of all of your ice cream havings. This should be a part of our celebration when you arrive home. Sugarbowl! or Giant martini glass full of delicious at Saddle!

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