Rotterdam, Netherlands (6.4.10 – 6.6.10)

I left for Rotterdam a little later than I intended to, due to the fact that I missed my train and had to catch the one the next hour; this train then proceeded to get delayed for unexplained reasons, and we were stopped on the track for ten minutes shy of the intended journey length! I finally arrived in Rotterdam at 11:40 and was met with hugs by my friend Rosa, who was one of my roommates back in University. We walked back to her place and spent hours talking and catching up with each others lives before declaring bedtime because we were heading into Amsterdam in the morning.
On Saturday morning we left for the station and headed to Amsterdam, where we were met by a Couch Surfer who I was going to surf with. Rosa’s plans changed a lot last minute, so I ended up being able to stay with her instead of couch surfing, and thus had no use for a couch in Amsterdam, but my host, Ranil, met up with us and spent a few hours showing us the city. We spent a while walking through a market, because Rosa wanted to find some souvenirs for people back home. After a few hours, Ranil left us to go and do other things, and Rosa and I continues our stroll through the city, stopping at many a gift shop on the way We ended our day in Amsterdam by sitting on the bank of the canal and watching the ladies of the night in the Red Light District; it was top-notch entertainment, and we told ourselves that we were not allowed to go until a certain lady found a fellow. Once she did, we headed to the train station and headed back into Rotterdam. On the walk home, we went and picked up pizza and gelato at an Italian restaurant across the way from Rosa’s place, and enjoying these things is the way in which we spent the remainder of the night.
Sunday was allocated to seeing Rotterdam, which we did after a late start, and leftover pizza breakfast, paired with red wine. We went to the “cube houses,” which are a collection of buildings, topped with cubes that appear to be sitting on a corner. After admiring the cube houses, we went to see the swan bridge, which has become a symbol of Rotterdam, so Rosa tells me, and then headed back to Rosa’s. I napped for a while before I had to depart for Amsterdam to catch my night train headed to Warsaw. Goodbyes were exchanged, and once more, I was on my way.

Ranil and Rosa in Amsterdam

Pretty buildings built on the canal side… which seems impractical, honestly.


The cube houses in Rotterdam

And the swan bridge…

Now off to Warsaw!


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