Warsaw, Poland (6.6.10 – 6.9.10)

The night train headed for Warsaw left Amsterdam at 7:01PM, and so we took off on a journey that, for me, would not end until 12:30PM on Monday, when the train arrived in Warsaw. I spent the trip writing (finally!) and sleeping intermittently. When I arrived, I texted my friend Monika, who I met in Israel, with whom I would be staying for two nights. Following her directions, I went to the National Theatre House, where she works, so that I could get her house keys from her. With keys in one hand, and directions in the other, I set off in search of her apartment, which I found easily. I was greeted by her cat, Patagonia, and after paying her some attention, and wishing I had my baby cat with me, I took a shower, followed by a nap. Monika got home around 4:30PM, and shortly thereafter we went for a walk around the city; Monika is an excellent tour guide. That night, Gregor, Monika’s travel buddy and best friend, who I also met in Israel, met up with us, and Monika had an appointment, so he and I went out for drinks. I slept well that night.
On Tuesday, I took my time getting up and ready for the day, and then left to see more of Warsaw. I met up with Monika at her work, despite difficulties in communication due to problems with my phone, and once we had found one another, she gave me a tour of the theater, which is the largest in Europe. I got to stand on stage, and see countless props stored backstage; it was fascinating. Monika finished up some work, and we headed back to her apartment, where we were met by Gregor. Monika and I went out, but Gregor stayed in because he had work to do. We returned after getting some drinks, and I had to say goodbye to Gregor, but I have no doubt that we will meet up again somewhere in the world before long.
On Wednesday, I left the apartment with Monika at 8AM, as she had to go to work and I was leaving for Krakow in a few hours. We said goodbye, and parted ways, but the same goes for Monika as does for Gregor; I have no doubt I’ll see her again soon. I meandered around on the way to the station, and caught a train around 11:30 for Krakow.

Old town!

Canonicity Square in the old town

More beautiful buildings in Old Town

The Saxon Garden park in the middle of the city

The Palac Kultury, or Palace of Culture and Science

Monika walking across the giant stage!

Props backstage at the National Theatre

More props backstage at the National Theatre

Monika and me

Gregor and me

The Palac Kultury again

Onward, ho!


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