Split, Croatia (6.21.10 – 6.25.10)

I took the bus to Split and walked into the center of the city to look for a hostel. The girls I had met in Sarajevo had recommended a place, so after wandering around for a while without luck, I found internet and looked them up. I settled into the hostel, and after about an hour, another of the people staying in the room, Fatih, arrived and asked if I wanted to go walk around town. We went to a pizza place I had found earlier in the day, and then sat at a restaurant on the boardwalk and I had ice cream. Holiday = regular consumption of ice cream in excessive quantities.

On Tuesday, Fatih and I took a bus to a town about 30 minutes outside of Split, called Trogir, which is said to be one of the best preserved medieval towns in all of Europe. We got the bus there and walked around the city for a few hours, stopping to sit by the fortress to sit on the edge of the boardwalk to dip our feet in the water. Our walk through the city was pleasant, but there wasn’t a great amount to see, so we headed back to Split. Once back, we walked around the old city so that Fatih could see it before he left in the morning. The highlight of Split’s old city is the old Roman Diocletian palace. Once again, we had pizza dinner from the cheap yet delicious place nearby.

On Wednesday, I relaxed. I sunbathed at the beach for several hours, watched several episodes of LOST; I enjoyed pizza for dinner and ice cream to follow. It was a most excellent day.

On Thursday, I had planned on heading to Zadar, but on researching hostels and discovering that they were all more expensive that the one I was staying at, I decided to prolong my stay in Split by one more night… and with my extra day, I repeated my Wednesday. I went and tanned at the beach for a couple of hours, I had pizza for dinner, and ice cream once more; another tremendously successful day.

On Friday, I took the bus to Zadar because I had to fly back to England that night. Once in Zadar, I explored the old city a bit; it was quite similar to the rest of what I had seen of the Dalmatian Coast. After walking for a few hours, with backpack, I decided that though I was a bit early, I would head to the airport because there was nothing more I wanted to do… and so off I went. 

The Split boardwalk by night

The Kathedral Sv. Lovre in Trogir



The belltower of the cathedral in the Diocletian Palace

The view of the cathedral belltower in the Diocletian Palace, as seen from the courtyard

The Split boardwalk, with forest covered hills behind

The Zadar Cathedral

And now, back to England… marking the end of my European travels!


2 responses to “Split, Croatia (6.21.10 – 6.25.10)

  1. Split looks so beautiful!!!

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