That which I am excited for…

My year is just about up, well, the European leg anyway. I’ve got sixteen days on the East Coast before I get back to AZ, but I think it’s time for a post in which I tell you what I’m excited to get home to:

  • Getting to see my CAT!
  • Getting to see my family
  • Friends
  • Having access to a shower that I can rely on being clean and having hot water
  • Not living out of a backpack all the time (though I suspect that I may miss this after a while)
  • Being able to wash my clothes regularly, without having to involve a sink
  • Shaving my legs with shaving cream instead of soap
  • Starting my new degree (Earth and Space Exploration with a Concentration in Astrophysics)
  • Driving my car! (I am also suuuuper nervous about this!)
  • Having an income once again
  • Not having to think in terms of a new currency ever few days/ being able to use any of my cards without fear of bank fees. Sidenote: GOD BLESS COMPASS BANK.
  • Burritos

I will miss the freedom of life on the road, though this is by no means the end of things; there’s a lot waiting for me at home that I have to look forward to. As someone recently told me, my great adventure is only just beginning, which is so so true. No matter where I’m headed, I’m excited for what comes next.

This year has provided one learning experience after another, but I’m going to devote a post to what I’ve learned in the upcoming week. I know I am so blessed to have been able to have this experience, and I count myself truly lucky. Life is good.


2 responses to “That which I am excited for…

  1. What part of the east coast? I was in Philly for a week and fell in love with yuengling beer and tasty cakes. You can’t find them on the west coast and they are both aweseme. If you can get them you should try them! 🙂

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