Why I hate suitcases

The wheels have broken off? Oh cool… it’s only useless now. I hate hate hate suitcases! From now on, I will swear by backpacks forever. Unfortunately for me, I have to, very literally, drag this around for another week… after which I plan to throw it off of a tall building. Or just directly into the trash can… but the image of one of those two situations seems to convey how I feel about the suitcase so much better than the other.


4 responses to “Why I hate suitcases

  1. But what about the people at the bottom of the tall building? They might get a headache if a suitcase fell on them!!!!!!!

    • I would clear off an area so that no one would get hurt. I wouldn’t want the suitcase negatively affecting any more people. 🙂
      Also. the wheels have completely broken off now. It makes the most horrible sound when I drag it along!

  2. David says he doesn’t like to tell you so but “I offered her a new case when she was here.” I think he put a hex on the broken one!!

    • 🙂 He told me so! There was nothing wrong with it when I left… it’s just got a lot of weight in it, and obviously has not handled as well as I expected to. Oh well!

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