there’s a knot in my stomach the size of my first. my whole body trembles with a nervous anticipation in a frequency that squeals ‘home.’ for the first past year, i have traveled from place to place, gaining a sense of comfort while on the road that lead to everything, everywhere feeling like home. it was glorious to feel at ease regardless of where in the world i was. now, i am going home home. for the first time in over a year i will be back in the arms of loved ones, and able to reach out and touch them. this thought is almost terrifying; i’ve waited so long, it feels undeniably surreal. despite the feeling of a certain detachment from reality, a terrific energy pumps through my veins.

this grand adventure is only just beginning.


4 responses to “knots

  1. You’re beautiful, Liz!! Tell me how it goes? I really am looking forward to knowing how it went- you being back with all your loved ones!

    • I need to get writing again and I’ll post all about it. But the short of it is this: IT WAS AMAZING. My friends are just superb people, and my arrival home will undoubtedly remain one of my very favorite memories for the rest of my life.

  2. It was amazing. I’m so happy to have you home Liz!

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