Boston, MA, USA (7.16.10 – 7.18.10)

After the train ride to Boston, I was met at the station by Paige, who I have not seen in over three years! Paige is an absolute delight; she is a charming girl who is driven, enthusiastic, and really has her life in order. We got a taxi back to her place, and upon arriving, celebrated our reunion with hummus, in the proper tradition of our dorm life together. After a while, her boyfriend, Eric, came to join us and we went to Paige’s brother’s apartment for a delicious barbeque. After dinner, we went to a bar by Paige’s place where I had a most intriguing drink: violet liquor, gin and lime. We only had one drink at the bar before returning back to Paige’s for the night.
On Saturday, we got breakfast at a little shop on the corner by Paige’s apartment, after which Eric left us and Paige and I went to go and meet Not That Kind of Girl (NTKOG for short… I will not name her, for the sake of keeping her anonymity in tact), a blogger friend of mine, for lunch. We met her outside the Boston Public Library before walking to a sandwich shop that served a remarkable selection of some very unique sandwiches. After lunch, we went to the Garment District to hunt for fabulous thrifty finds. NTKOG and I came away empty handed, but Paige found some funky earrings. Despite the fact that I did not find any vintage delights, I did come away with the knowledge that I look smashing in a bowler hat. Upon being gainfully employed, I will be purchasing one to accompany my everyday outfits. NTKOG left us at this point, and Paige and I walked through Cambridge, over the Charles River, and then walked on through Boston, back to Paige’s apartment. That night, Paige announced that I was to be her date, and she took me out for a superb meal at a local Lebanese restaurant. After dinner, we returned to the apartment, watched a movie, and drank some beer.
Sunday marked my very last day of travel, and the butterflies in my stomach were indescribable. I was filled with nervous apprehension, and an electric excitement. I felt as though I was buzzing! That morning, Paige’s mother came to meet us and we went for brunch at a local café. Four years ago, the summer after Paige and I lived together in the dorms, I went to visit her in Boston. During my time there, Paige’s mother spent a great deal of time with me, showing me around Boston and the surrounding states. It was wonderful to see her again, as, just like Paige, it had been over three years since I had seen her last! After brunch, we went back to the apartment to collect my luggage, and they drove me to the airport so I could take my very last flight in a year of many, marking my return to Phoenix. Talk about insane!!! I said my goodbyes and walked into the airport, dragging that piece of rubbish suitcase behind me one last time. I checked in, made my way through security, and waited to board… only five hours away from the end of one very long, undeniably remarkable chapter in my life.


Paige and me!

My ridiculous drink!


Is this the end? Far from it… I’m going to tell you about the airport welcome home, and well… as my name is Liz Adventure, the tales are by no means finished. They’ll just be of a different nature for a while… more tales of job hunts and university days; it’s all part of the story, so please keep reading. ❤


2 responses to “Boston, MA, USA (7.16.10 – 7.18.10)

  1. You are the sweetest! I hope to see you soon!

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