Providence, RI, USA (7.11.10 – 7.16.10)

The journey to Providence was long winded, but I made it after long last. I took the bus from Providence to New York, and then waited a while to take a second bus from New York to Boston. The second bus ride angered me because MegaBus boasts free wifi and power points on all of their buses, and the bus driver just forgot to turn them on… thus thwarting my plans to write while on the bus. Damn! I was met at the Boston South Station by k$, her sister Erin, and Erin’s boyfriend. We were then met by Erin’s friend, Eric, who drove us back to Providence, which is only about an hour away from Boston. Bed was in order not too long after getting back to Kelly’s.
On Monday, we lurched around like zombies in the morning until we took showers, which refreshed us and renewed our human states. Once mortal once more, we went and got delicious Indian food for lunch, after which we headed to Staples, which is too fun to browse. Why is it that office supplies and stationery are so desirable? I can’t explain it really, but I really could spend too much money if left to go wild here. After this, we returned to k$’s, and I got to meet her roommate, Allie. We went to the store and got food for grilling. I have never grilled before, but it was, a most successful endeavor, despite the learning curve. We made portabello mushroom burgers, corn, and asparagus on the grill; it was a most delicious feast. We had declared that Tuesday would be You Are Remarkable day, so that night we made signs and origami cranes with messages attached to hide around town the next day; it was a night well spent. These crafty endeavors were accompanied by many episodes of Lost… I’m so addicted.
Tuesday was supposed to be YAR day, and we continued creating crafty delights, but by the time we were ready to go around town to spread our joy, the sky had filled with clouds, and it looked most ominous outdoors. Sure enough, it began to storm not long after our observations, and we were pleased with our choice to stay indoors. That night, k’s friend Kenny came over and we watched a movie called Antichrist, starring Willem Dafoe. It was a Danish avant-garde film, and one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen… filled with all sorts of weird sexual imagery ranging from the artistic and beautiful to horrifying and disturbing. After the film, we decided that the only thing left to do was go and let off some fireworks… of course; despite the film, it was a superb Tuesday night.
Wednesday was another stormy day, and we stayed indoors for most of it. That night, we went to the store to procure supplies with which we made a delicious meal, which was accompanied by several glasses of wine. After dinner, k read my tarot cards, which was amazing; I’ve never had a reading done before! She is a most fantastic card reader. After that, we painted each others faces to reflect the savages we are. We then built a fort in which we stayed while we watched Let the Right One In, drank more wine, and ate too many marshmallows and frozen yogurt… so really, what I’m saying is that it was yet another perfect night.
On Thursday, the weather finally cleared and we were able to celebrate YAR day. We took our signs and cranes and walked the streets of central Providence, leaving our messages in places where they would be seen, and leaving the birds in bushes and trees, waiting for perceptive eyes to spy them and take them to new homes. It was an excellent day, filled with a stop at a pizza shop, a sex shop, and a pet store. That night we roasted marshmallows over the stove, using steak knives in place of sticks. We are so resourceful. We then spent more time in out most exquisite fort, chatting, drinking, eating more marshmallows and watching more Lost; it was a perfect last night with my darling k$.
On Friday, I had to once again, try and stuff everything into my poor excuse for a suitcase. Around noon, we began the walk to the train station, which k estimated would take about fifteen minutes. We grossly underestimated how much time would be tacked onto our journey in having to drag the suitcase along. Have I mentioned that by this point the wheels were completely out of the picture? Our journey lengthened by my mess of luggage, I missed the train I had intended on taking, breaking one of my flip flops along the way. With just under two hours to spend until the next train, I bought new flip flops, and we continued the hellish journey to the train station. k waited with me until I boarded my train, and I was devastated to have to say goodbye. k is, quite simply, one of my very favorite people in the world; she is a beautiful girl and a beautiful soul, and I am so grateful to have her in my life. I hope she comes to Arizona soon!! With our fond farewell out of the way, I began my journey to Boston to visit Paige, who is one of my old roommates from the ASU dorms.

k, reading my cards

here is my reading! i am not going to tell you what it says.

the most magnificent fort.

k, as a savage warrior

me as a savage warrior

we are so fierce. see our sharp teeth?

a crane in a hiding place

a pretty fish at the pet store

another crane

more secret notes

The Providence City Hall

Roasting marshmallows!

Allie, k’s roommate and best friend!

my love!

OK… now onto Bawwwston


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