My new morning routine…

1. Make a funny face!

2. Smile!

3. Breathe in and out. Deeply. x5

4. “Dear Universe. Thank you.”

5. Sun Salutation. x3


4 responses to “My new morning routine…

  1. Not stalking you Liz but this morning routine (or is it very loosely morning/afternoon sometimes, perhaps??!) sounds sooooo you.

    I am sure you are jolly glad to be in your own bed after all those we counted up

    Love from Anne, Ellie and Toni xx

    PS Went back to Hay on Wye again with Ellie and had a lovely afternoon and delicious ice cream.And bought some very tird and old books in need of a new home

  2. These days it is mostly mornings, actually! I’m trying to be better about actually waking up in the morning hours. 🙂
    I am jolly glad to be in my own bed and all settled in, though, ‘my’ bed is a bed that’s all new to me! I just moved into a place in Scottsdale with a good friend of mine, and it’s pretty fantastic. Everything is going well at the moment.
    I am glad to hear of another successful venture to Hay on Wye, and even more glad to hear of wonderful books going into a loving new home.
    I hope you all are well; lots of love to you all. xxx

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