Descent into Phoenix (7.18.10)

I have decided to share something that I wrote in my Moleskine as the plane began its final descent into Phoenix. Enjoy!

“My body crackles with energy like an electrical storm. My eyes are dry and I cannot depressurize my ears; I feel thirty feet underwater and the sounds are muted, but the sounds of my thoughts are amplified as they rattle around my brain. I am nervous… nervous to be home after so long. I worry that in my return to the familiar, I will discover that oh so much is unfamiliar. But I suppose that’s OK. I’ve spent the last year feeling at home in new and foreign places. If, indeed, home does feel foreign, I suppose that in all actually, this will actually aid me to feel more at home. As I write, we begin our descent into Phoenix, and the plane glides up and down the turbulent clouds, causing our journey to feel more like a rollercoaster ride than a plane journey. This is aiding in amping my nerves; I’ve been watching too much Lost. “I am not going to die today,” I tell myself when the plane does not behave like the graceful giant flying machine I anticipate it to be. “I am not going to die today.” Waiting on the ground for me are my favorite loved ones, and upon leaving the airport, I will be a mere car journey from my darling baby cat. In fifteen minutes, this plane will touch down at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and will taxi to gate A20, which will, very definitively, mark the very end of my year long journey. Despite the end of one chapter, another begins; my story is far from told, and so much magic awaits in the coming days, weeks, months and year. And so, for that reason, I cannot mourn the end of one chapter, but I must celebrate its magnificence and keep those memories close to my heart always. “


2 responses to “Descent into Phoenix (7.18.10)

  1. I adore you.

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