My coming home party! (7.23.10)

My coming home party was absolutely fabulous. Fran and Aaron were kind enough to host the party, and it was combined with their housewarming. The guests who came were the very best, and I was once again reminded that I know some truly superb people.
I suppose there’s not really much to say about the party other than to just say that it was perfect. I hopped from friend to friend, having fantastic conversation all night long, and enjoying a beer or two… or more.
The next morning, Brian came back over to Fran and Aaron’s, and we went to go and eat at the Waffle House, which we affectionately refer to as either “The Waffle Fight” or “The Stumble Fight,” depending on our ability to walk when we go there. The Waffle Right is always good for pacifying an unhappy stomach the morning after a long night of drinking.
In short. I love my friends. Thank you to all who came.

And now for some pictures of ridiculously good times:

Jen and me

Friends playing cards! (Eric, Clifton, and Rachel)

More friends playing cards on the floor!

Friends in the kitchen!

Clifton and me

Fran being fabulous. They threw me a surprise moustache party. I knew about the party; I, however, did not know about the moustaches.

Brian and me. ❤

Alex being a wonderful human.

Schuyler and me 🙂

The best hugs with the best brothers: Nick and Alex Petrusek

Nick and me making the very best faces.

Alex and Kalani

Clifton shreds on the guitar

My love, Alexa, and me

Brian Kelly and Schuyler, being the best boys in the land.

Another beautiful hug with Alex Petrusek; don’t I look perfectly content?

Kalani and me!

The end. Oh, what a fabulous night! Many thanks to Fran and Aaron. ❤


6 responses to “My coming home party! (7.23.10)

  1. So sad I missed the welcome, but I’m glad we’re in the same country now! It looks like you had a great party after a great year – can’t wait to hear all about it.

    • Hoorah for being in the same country! It was a most magnificent party; it is a pity your attendance was not possible. Fret not, there will be more amazing parties. 🙂

  2. The Waffle Right?! Now another name?! Oh dear.

    • Okay… that was actually a typo, but I like it. The Waffle Right: The Right to bear waffles in the good times, and the better times. The Waffle Right is one of the most sacred American freedoms.

  3. Welcome back, old friend!!!! Are you a member of the NWA (national waffle association)? I believe they are quite big in the rights of waffle bearing citizens.

    • Thank you Richard. Sorry to have to ask, but how do I know you? Umm, I am not yet a member of the illustrious NWA, but obviously I’ve been slacking in taking full advantage of my waffle bearing rights.

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