Californiaaaaa (8.1.10 – 8.5.10)

At 8:30 on Sunday morning, Jen drove by my house to pick me up so we could go to her apartment. We were met there by Sean, Jen’s dad, and Jen’s brother, Jake, all of whom were ready to help with the move. Jen’s mom Nanette joined us shortly after our arrival; the next two hours were spent carrying boxes to the truck and loading everything up into Jen’s car and the giant work truck that Nanette had brought down from California. By 11AM we were finally done loading up the vehicles; the apartment was clean and empty. Jen said her final goodbyes and we hit the road. The journey took us eight hours (!) due in part to the fact that the work truck that Nanette was driving got a flat on the way. We turned around so that we could be sure that Nanette was okay and decide what to do from there. Luckily, the back wheels of the truck had double tires, after considerable deliberation, we decided that she would be able to safely continue the journey as the truck was, because three of the four back tires were still functional. Onwards! Upon arriving, we cleared the car and truck and began to move things into the house, though not into place as Jen decided that she wanted to paint the room before she moved into it. That night we had a superb dinner that Rick, Nanette’s husband made for us, and later fell asleep like tired little puppies. On Monday, we painted Jen’s room a most sunshiney shade of yellow; it was a lot of work, especially because much of it needed to be done while standing at the top of a ladder, but it was genuinely quite fun and rewarding work. By the end of it all, I was a bit of a mess, due to the new highlights (see: paint) in my hair, my fluorescent new freckles (see: paint), and marks all over my clothes (see: paint). It was a good day.
Tuesday was Jen’s birthday, and we started the day bright and early… by babysitting. Reprieved of our duties, we returned to Jen’s to get ready for the glorious day of vintage shopping in LA that lay ahead. The day was excellent, and though I did not find any treasures to take home, Jen found a beautiful green dress. After a snack we headed back to Ventura so we’d be back in time for Jen’s birthday dinner reservations. We had dinner at a Teppanyaki restaurant; dinner was delicious and entertaining.
On Wednesday, Jen and I lazed around for a while until we headed to Santa Barbara so that Jen could visit the Sephora at which she would be working, and she could meet with her new coworkers and higher-ups. The mall in which she works is quite beautiful, and it took a fair amount of restraint to avoid certain stores and not to buy things in others. We headed back to Ventura and ended up going to three different Target locations so that Jen could buy things for her room. That night we stayed up too late, taking care of trivial little things while we should have been getting an early night… but as that is not a functioning phrase in either of our vocabularies, we stayed up until 12:30AM, despite the fact that we would be waking up at 3AM in order to leave for LAX to catch flights to Phoenix.
So, early on Thursday morning, as I just mentioned, we got up at 3AM in order to leave the house at 3:30AM so that we could drive down to LAX, check in, and catch our 6:20AM flights to Phoenix. Jen, Nanette and I were all on the same flight because I was returning to go home, and Jen and Nanette, by a stroke of luck, had a layover in Phoenix during their journey to Texas. Once we landed in Phoenix, I bid them adieu and went on my way to get picked up my mother and begin my very busy Thursday.

The last of Jen’s apartment to be cleared into the car.

Sup Apple? Your iPod shuffle’s got nothing on this. This is the real way to operate a road trip soundtrack…

Jen lookin’ cute, per usual

“Double tire… all the way across the road. So flat. And empty.”

Painting girl!

Bright yellow, here we come.

Professionally done highlights.

Brand new freckles. 🙂

Messy painty girls. The best kind. 🙂

I am so sad to have left my love in California, but really, I’m not allowed to start because I’m the one who jumped ship for a year. The long and short of it is this: I love Jen, and miss her terribly already, but wish her all the very best. ❤


4 responses to “Californiaaaaa (8.1.10 – 8.5.10)

  1. You are such a good best friend!!

    • Awww, it was nothing! When Jen asked me if I would maybe want to travel with her to help her move into California, the answer was undoubtedly, instinctively yes. 🙂

  2. I just love you. I love you a million trillion. I just can’t even describe it. The trip out here with you was just perfect, even though it was nutty. MUAH!

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