Moving in (8.5.10)

After my flight arrived in Phoenix, my mum picked me up and we ventured into Tempe to pick up some shelves from someone on Craigslist. As it turned out, this fellow had a set of drawers for sale as well, so I ended up getting a sweet deal on some shelves and said set of drawers, thus taking care of my furniture needs for the house. Once everything was loaded into and onto the car, we headed up to Scottsdale so that we could drop said furniture off and pick up my house key. We then headed back to Gilbert and I proceeded to load up my car and my mum’s car with my belongings, and a few hours later we took another trip to unload all of my things and move me into the new house.
With all of my things haphazardly put in my room, I tried to organize a bit, but time was limited and before long I had to head out! Work was spectacular and I have since grown to love everything about the place; it’s a perfect fit. Once done, I ended up hanging out with the fella (who I had a crush on) who I believe I mentioned in a previous entry. Things are going well there, but that’s another story.
The next few days were very busy and I found that I wasn’t home a huge amount, but after a couple of days I was finally all settled into my new place, with my myriad belongings all in place and put away.

A mess of things to put away… the room is very much a work in progress at this point.

More mess…

My room, as good as finished. 🙂

So, that’s my room! It’s definitely nice to feel settled into somewhere again.


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