Tonto National Land Bridge (Or: A Failed Attempt at Cliff Jumping) (8.14.10)

Last weekend, my friend Sean and I made plans to go cliff jumping. We decided on a location, but the day before we were going, a friend told him that cliff jumping was no longer possible there due to the fact that a damn had burst a long time ago. That being the case, we headed for Gisela, which is about 15 miles before Payson, and somewhere I have been before to go cliff jumping, but after driving 5 miles down a dusty road, we met a sign that warned us not to trespass. With plans thwarted, I suggested that we continue a little past Payson to visit the Tonto National Land Bridge. And off we went. By the way, the Land Bridge is exactly what you would probably guess that it is: a naturally formed bridge of land.

I forgot to bring my tennis shoes, but it proved not to hinder climbing through the bridge too much. It was a superb day; it was wonderful to get out of Phoenix and do something outdoorsy, but very relaxing as well.

After the Bridge, we went down Flowing Springs Road, which led to… you’ll never guess… a flowing spring! It was great; we found a secluded spot and sat on a small island in the middle of the spring while the water flowed around us. It was perfect.

The small waterfall that cascades over the edge of the bridge

The view through the underpass of the bridge

The rock has formed beautifully over the years

Hello Sean!

Sometimes I pretend I’m super touristy.

This was such a good day; Sean and I have vowed to do much more outdoorsy things and to explore Arizona in the process, so expect many more updates about fantastic weekend adventures.


4 responses to “Tonto National Land Bridge (Or: A Failed Attempt at Cliff Jumping) (8.14.10)

  1. Aw… I love that place. It’s one of the places I took Heather on our first day trip together before we were even a couple. Good times.

  2. I really wanted to be able to “like” this. We’ll just have to pretend.

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