Cliff Jumping (Success!) (8.21.10)

This past Saturday, Sean, Michael and I headed out to Canyon Lake to go cliff jumping, with successful results this time.

I am sorry to report that I do not have any more pictures to share, but you see, water and my camera do not mix, and I didn’t want to risk damage.

As you can see, it was a beautiful day. We jumped off of some cliffs, swam, and just hung out in the lake for a few hours. It was glorious and  magnificently fun. Afterwards we went and got ice cream, because it sounded like the best possible thing to do after spending several hours in the sun.

Next weekend, Sean and I have decided that we’re going to try to check out some ghost towns.


2 responses to “Cliff Jumping (Success!) (8.21.10)

  1. Ghost towns sound like so much fun! And oh how fun this day sounds like

    • I am sure it will be tons of fun! And yes, it was a superb day. Get your pretty face out here and we will have many magnificent days and adventures just like these. 🙂

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