So. I’m a week into my new degree, and I thought I’d share a bit with you about the classes I’m taking this semester. My major, as I think I’ve mentioned, is Earth and Space Exploration with a concentration in Astrophysics.

1. SES101: Earth, the Solar System, and the Universe I.

This class is a half Geography, half Astronomy based course. It’s interesting, though thus far somewhat basic, and has a lab associated with it that is also split half and half between Geography and Astronomy. I enjoy it, but I do find the class dynamic a bit odd.

2. AST321: Introduction to Stellar and Planetary Astrophysics.

This class has quickly proved to be quite challenging, which I appreciate. It will be math intensive (I need to brush up on some Calculus!). It will undoubtedly be the most difficult of my courses, and consequently, I think it will be the most rewarding. It is also the course that is the most closely related to the core of my study.

3. ASB100: Introduction to Global Health.

I find this class tremendously frustrating already, for reasons that have little to nothing to do with content… as we have yet to actually discuss anything related to the course. The textbook for this class is online. The purchase of said text is mandatory because students must access quizzes and exams through the e-book, meaning that the books cannot be shared. Thus, I was forced to purchase a $100 textbook. She also has in class quizzes that require the purchase of a remote with which you can answer the questions. The clicker? It costs $50. This makes me annoyed because I have had to spend more on the tools for this course than I spent on the textbooks for the rest of my courses combined. In addition to this, the air conditioning doesn’t work in a classroom full of 300 bodies. Thus far, the professor has proven to be scatterbrained; I’m sure that once we actually start learning and discussing, it will be interesting. One thing that I do like though, is that we have unlimited attempts to take our quizzes, and there are extra credit opportunities. There is no reason I shouldn’t get an A+ in this class.

4. ASB344: Technology and Society.

This is already my favorite course. The class meets twice a week, and also has a recitation. The lecture contains over 150 students, but there are various meeting times for the recitation sections, in which smaller groups of students meet with a TA and have further discussions. The readings thus far have been stimulating and engaging; I’m eager to contribute to the discussions. The professor and my recitation TA are both extremely passionate about what they teach, and share their passion in an engaging and interesting way. I’m very pleased to be in this class.

So! Those are my courses for the semester. I’m enjoying being back already;  it’s so funny how easy it is to fall back into a school schedule that feels so natural.


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