A Ghost Town and a Gastronomic Adventure (8.28.10)

On Saturday, Sean and I drove Northwest in search of a ghost town that we had found on the internet.

The one we went to was called Castle Hot Springs, and it appeared to be some sort of resort that had been abandoned while being built.

When we got there, we were surprised by the level at which the property seemed to be maintained… which turned out to be because it wasn’t a ghost town. Silly internet! A ghost asked us to leave, and rather amused, we complied.

After our moderately successful ghost town adventure, we headed back to Scottsdale, and on the way back to my house, we stopped at an ice-cream parlor called Sweet Republic, which is purported to be one of the ten best ice-cream parlors in the whole of the US. The offered flavors were plentiful, and Sean chose the Banoffee Pie Sundae, which I can attest was delicious.As indicated by the title of this post, my flavor choices were rather atypical.

I had a scoop of Honey Blue Cheese, and a scoop of Avocado Jalapeno. They were both superb, and though I’d been tempted by the Mint Chocolate Chip and the Salted Caramel, I was pleased with my choice.


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