Alexa’s Birthday (9.6.10)

Alexa’s (my roommate!) birthday was on Tuesday, so on Monday night we went out to Kazimierz, a local wine bar in Old Town Scottsdale.

The birthday girl, Alexa, and her best friend, Reka (l to r)

Pretty girls! Alexa, Reka, Rachel, and me (l to r)


Rachel and me; I love her so!

It was an excellent night, and unfortunately, I had to head home fairly early because I had homework to finish and class in the morning. Alexa and Reka continued the celebration by heading out to a club. I had an excellent time, as I’m sure Alexa did too.


2 responses to “Alexa’s Birthday (9.6.10)

  1. Looks like it was so super fun!

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