Randy Pausch

Have you heard of “The Last Lecture”? I had, but I never got around to watching it until now, and it really is superb. It had me teary eyed by the end.

If you know nothing about it, then I’ll brief you. The Last Lecture series was put on by Carnegie Mellon University, and various professors were asked to give a lecture, as though it was their last. When Randy Pausch gave this lecture, he had been told that he had mere months left to live; he had been diagnosed with liver cancer. For him, the title of the lecture series was more apt than for anyone else, and thus gives the lecture a sincere poignancy that is touching. His enthusiasm for life in the days he has left, and his joyous nature are evident in every word he speaks. I can’t believe I didn’t see this sooner. I hope you watch and enjoy.

This is his address to the graduating class of 2008; this was given roughly a month before his death, and I found it difficult to watch after watching the previous video. It’s obvious that his health has seriously degraded between The Last Lecture and this, but his vivacious nature is still strong.

Here is another lecture he gave in his final days that is about time management. It’s worth watching, I’d say.


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