Boat Times (9.12.10)

A real update! At long last… but here it is. 🙂

On this weekend, we had initially considered going tubing down the Salt River, but then Michael’s parents extended an invitation for us to join them on their boat. We accepted and postponed our tubing plans by one week. We went out to Saguaro Lake, and it was a most superb time. They brought wakeboarding gear, so we all gave that a shot. Michael’s been before so he had no problem with it. Neither Sean nor I have ever done it before, so we tried it numerous times, but neither of us were successful in our attempts. Oh well! It was still an absolute blast. After a while, we pulled off to  the edge of the lake to have a picnic lunch, and then Michael wakeboarded again as we drove to exit the lake.

Once the boat was out of the water, we cleaned it off, and suddenly, I realized that I had a bee BETWEEN MY TOES! I kicked off my shoe  and went to examine it, to discover that the bee had stung my flip-flop. Insane! I got pictures of the stinger because I found it absolutely fascinating. You can see the barbed end of the stinger, as well as its abdomen and intestinal tract that got ripped out when it stung the shoe.

The whole day was a great deal of fun! Now. Pictures!

Michael was amazing, but Sean and I did not have his talent/experience.

Hello Sean! 🙂

This was about as far as Sean or I got, but it was still fun.


Getting ready…

The bee stinger! This still fascinates me to no end.


Another fantastic day of adventure. 🙂



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