Career Lessons

Another article I like on my generation and their outlook on life/jobs/etc.


2 responses to “Career Lessons

  1. I like this. I know that your generation’s work ethic is very different to mine but is that bad? I don’t know and I’ve no idea how this will work out in the long term. But I do know that you’re lucky enough to have many more varied opportunities than we did.

    • Exactly! Different doesn’t necessarily mean bad… it’s just different. I’m sure that as a generation we’ll work it out… we kind of have to, because what’s the alternative!? We definitely are lucky to have so much opportunity, but I think perhaps that’s a substantial part of the reason that so many people have a hard time deciding what they want. It’s much easier to declare the things you don’t want when the myriad of options all await. It also makes it far tougher to be aware of all of the opportunities. Regardless, I’m sure we’ll make it work…

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